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Why You Need to Visit a Doctor After a Car Accident

The aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming. It’s often difficult to determine where to begin dealing with the mess. Many are often confused whether to call their insurance company, visit the doctor or wait for the mess to be sorted out, or the order in which to tackle these steps.

Visiting the doctor immediately after an accident has occurred can be one of the best things for, not only your situation, but for your health.

Health Benefits

Visiting a doctor after a car accident is one of the safest decisions for your health and body. This will help to determine if any injuries are serious or if any injuries are internal.

While you should never leave the scene of an accident, head to the emergency room immediately after the police have been notified of the accident. If you experience any soreness or feel you have been seriously injured, it’s best to seek medical attention right away.

Even if you feel okay after an accident, it’s still wise to visit a doctor. Many internal injuries aren’t always obvious from the beginning. In fact, some injuries don’t show immediate side effects, but still can be serious to your health.

Legal Benefits

Your health takes obvious priority over anything else. If you have sustained any injuries after an accident, visiting a doctor can also help with any legal issues you may encounter from the accident.

For example, if you were injured in an accident and were not at fault, then you can file a lawsuit against the driver at fault to pay for any damages that your own insurance may not cover.

In the state of Florida, you only have a certain window of time to file a lawsuit for your injuries after an accident, even if the injuries worsen. So it is important to immediately see a doctor who can explain the severity of your injuries and determine if you will need long term care or any expenses that may go above and beyond your allotted insurance.

Legal Process for Injuries

After you have visited a doctor and contacted a qualified and skilled West Palm Beach car accident attorney, the process of filing a lawsuit for your injuries is a lot easier.

An attorney will review all details associated with an accident as well as your injuries, including medical expenses such as treatment, obtaining your medical records, gathering evidence that proves how you sustained these injuries, negotiating and more.

Getting a Settlement for Your Accident Injuries

Getting injured during a car accident is a scary and tough situation to handle on your own. After you have contacted and visited a doctor, contact Fetterman & Associates, PA to hire a skilled team of attorneys who will fight or you, evaluate your case, and help you see the settlement you deserve for your accident injuries.

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