Who is Liable for an Airbnb Accident?

Today is called the digital age. It is a time of smartphones and social media. Harnessing this power is something that many companies are doing to give small-town motels and large hotel chains a run for their money, such as Airbnb. With just a few clicks in the easy-to-use app, you can book temporary lodgings in over 80,000 cities around the world, making it a great option for weekend getaways, spring breaks, holiday vacations, business trips, and more.

Today Airbnb properties are owned, and they are run by locals who will partner with the app to share their homes – or in some cases, a single room in their home – to travelers who need someplace to stay without having to spend too much.

Injuries and Accidents When Renting an Airbnb

Anything may happen when you stay in an Airbnb. There are many people who avoid this service because they don’t trust they will find a reliable and safe room to rent if the managing is left to a single, unsupervised person, instead of a hospitality company. Even though there are any array of horror stories about Airbnb rentals, including being assaulted by the host, most of the stays using this app are uneventful and just day-to-day occurrences are a concern.

One of the most common concerns while you are renting an Airbnb location is the possibility of a slip and fall. If you lose your balance when you are going up the rental and suffer injuries, do you have the right to sue the property owner? Is it possible to bring a lawsuit against the Airbnb company? Or, do you even have a right to compensation?

Local Premises Liability Rules May be in Effect

For accidents in Airbnb accidents the laws of premises liability will probably determine who is at-fault for the damages and injuries. With that in mind, the property owner has the duty to protect all customers, guests, and visitors, and in some cases, trespassers from unreasonable dangers or hazards. Because an Airbnb host is required to rent the property they own, they are liable for an accident that occurs if it was their negligence that contributed to it. Regardless of how much customer service is provided by Airbnb (the actual company) it is usually not accountable for the accident in most situations.

Filing the Airbnb Accident Claim

After you have suffered an accident when renting an Airbnb, you should bring the matter to the attention of Airbnb, not just the host. If you don’t notify Airbnb about the incident, it creates an incomplete record regarding what happened, which may hurt the chances you have to secure compensation down the road. While you need to report the incident, you should not say too much to the Airbnb. If you say the wrong thing, it may mean you are liable for the accident.

After notifying Airbnb, make sure you get the help of a personal injury attorney. At Fetterman & Associates, we can provide you with the legal services you need for help with your Airbnb accident.