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Whiplash Symptoms Following a Car Accident

Whiplash includes an unfortunate injury that is acquired in an auto accident. Usually, whiplash injury happens as a vehicle is rear-ended. But, in fact, whiplash can occur when a vehicle is hit from another direction. The sudden jolt caused due to the impact of another vehicle can produce a mild to serious sprain in your neck.

Who gets a Whiplash Injury?

FETTERMAN - Whiplash Symptoms Following a Car Accident

Despite popular belief, whiplash injury isn’t relevant to the size, speed, or intensity of an accident. Occasionally, an individual might obtain whiplash due to a mild jolt, whereas some individuals have avoided whiplash even in extreme collisions.

The tricky thing about whiplash is that the symptoms may be recognized immediately after an accident, or they could take up to several hours or even days, and occasionally, years. If symptoms appear immediately after an accident, they are most often considered severe.

Identify Your Injury

Whiplash injuries don’t fracture or harm the bones. They damage the soft tissues, neck muscles, tendons, and spine region. After the body undergoes a highly irregular movement of the neck and head, the muscular system tightens in order to provide support to the head.

In order to identify the injured region of the neck, one must have an in-depth examination. Also, it’s vital to note that a whiplash injury doesn’t appear in a radiograph or x-ray. It is typically only visible in ultrasounds, CAT scans, etc.
The three most typical whiplash symptoms include:

1. Neck stiffness or pain
2. Headache
3. Lower back pain

The pain source in this type of an injury is the neck region. Swelling or tenderness may happen in the neck due to whiplash. Spasms constantly happen in the vertebral column, affecting the lower back region.

Sometimes, headaches spasmodically occur. The core of pain from a headache will shift from point to point, typically toward the shoulder region. The headache feels like a tension headache, with serious pain behind the eyes.

Minor Symptoms of Whiplash Sprain after Car Accident

Additional minor symptoms will be less physical in nature, which can include:

● Dizziness
● Lack of focus or concentration
● Tingling in the legs, hands, or arms
● Nausea
● Blurred vision
● Difficulty swallowing
● Anxiety
● Irritability
● Fatigue
● Pain surrounding the facial area or jaw-line

Interestingly, research has shown that women and men display various degrees of whiplash symptoms. For example, females are more susceptible to nausea, headache, lower back pain, and difficulty concentrating.

Protect yourself from Accident

In attempt to avoid these injuries from a car accident, adequate precautions are necessary. Wearing seat belts and using head rests will ensure your safety to a great extent.

Whiplash symptoms shouldn’t be taken lightly, even if they don’t seem severe. Speaking to a health care provider or physician on a consistent basis is going to keep you out of the hospital bed, off medications, and on your own feet.

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