What to Do If the Other Driver is Uninsured

What to Do If the Other Driver is Uninsured

Owning a car and having it help you navigate around can be convenient and comfortable. Unfortunately, a vehicle having an accident is inevitable. Statistics indicate that about 13% of the USA’s drivers are uninsured. With a 26.7% rate of uninsured motorists, Florida emerges the highest compared to other US states. It is for this reason that vehicle owners are required to obtain automobile liability insurance. With this policy, it is easier to compensate or get compensated in case of an accident.

Unfortunately, some auto owners avoid taking the policy due to various reasons like hard economic times. In such a scenario, most victims wonder what to do.

Actions to Take In Case of an Accident and the Other Driver is Uninsured

It’s not easy to stay calm when an accident occurs, but it’s advisable to help ease the process. Be calm, especially when the fault is with the other driver, and they have to compensate you for the damages, but you discover that they are not insured. The good news is that you can get compensated even though they don’t have vehicle liability insurance. You only need your facts right and a professional car accident attorney. Though you may feel stressed out, agony, confused, or disappointed because of the accident, do the following if the vehicle driver isn’t insured.

Study the situation

An accident can be mild, average, or severe. Few or many people can also get involved. First, study the situation and take action immediately. Attend to the emergency cases by calling for help if anyone is injured. Get help for the victims that require immediate medical attention. Then analyze the situation based on facts. Do not accuse the other driver without facts and evidence. Whoever among you that’s not insured should confess to the other party at this level. Ensure you establish who’s liable at the accident’s scene.

Detail collection

Take the initiative of collecting details of any person involved and nearby the accident. It’s essential to have the liable driver’s and witnesses’ details such as contact numbers, names, and addresses. Also, record the other car’s registration number, and take a photo of the driver’s driving license if it isn’t insured. If the police have not arrived, contact and inform them to follow up.

Create your record

If you collect the right information, you will have your facts rights. Ensure you talk to the witnesses and the people involved in the accident. Collect all valuable data like the day, time, or location. Then create a good record that will help you claim damages against the uninsured driver in a court of law. It will also make it easy for your insurer to argue against the uninsured driver.

Ask for compensation for the damages caused

After establishing that the other driver was at fault and uninsured, it’s now time to claim for all the damages caused. You can do so in any of the following ways;

Solve it between yourselves

The other driver may agree to pay for the damages without involving any party. In such a scenario, take quotes of repairing your damaged car from your mechanic and give it to the driver to settle. You may also have him accompany you to the hospital and pay the bill. But it’s still advisable to let your insurer know about your decision. At times making a claim is better than settling the case out of court. Your insurer will advise you.

Claim for the damages through your insurer

Having the other driver pay for all the damages caused involves a lot of paperwork and time. It also comes with some technicalities that you may not be able to handle. That’s why there exist professionals for this work – the insurance companies. The insurer will contact the uninsured driver and do what’s necessary to have them pay all your damages.

But as you claim for damages from the uninsured driver, you need to know your level of insurance and what it allows you to claim.

Impact of Your Insurance Cover Level on Claims

What you claim also depends on your vehicle’s insurance cover. Comprehensive insurance covers all your damages, while third party insurance protects you from damages caused by your car to a third party


Florida drivers are required to have minimum liability car insurance. However, there are still drivers who drive without insurance. Therefore, even if you’re a good driver, and you follow all the traffic rules, you’re still vulnerable to accidents with uninsured drivers. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, ensure that you get an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with the legal intricacies of helping you prove who’s at fault, prove your damages, and deal with the relevant insurance company on your behalf.

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