What to Do After a Car Accident with Uninsured Driver

accident with uninsured driver

Car accidents happen in Florida every day. Getting involved in one often comes with some comfort: there is car insurance to mitigate damages. If you are lucky, your car insurance coverage will pay for vehicle damage and medical treatment of the victims involves.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You can get involved in an accident where the other party is entirely uninsured. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in such a situation.

  • Call the police – Call the police immediately you get involved in a car accident. It doesn’t matter whether the other person has insurance coverage or not. This is even more vital if you’re dealing with an uninsured driver. The police report will go a long way to help you get your expenses covered. It’ll also make the claims process smoother and faster.
  • Do not accept money – Driving without auto insurance coverage comes along with massive legal repercussions. The party at fault may try to offer you money in a bid to avoid the implications. Don’t accept it. Remember that, at this point, you don’t have any idea of what your damages or injuries will cost you. It does not matter how good the deal you are offered at the car accident scene is. Turn it down.
  • Swap information – The party at fault may not have insurance cover or any insurance information to give you. They’ve their personal contact details though. Take their individual and vehicle details.
  • Gather details – Note down the make and model of the vehicle involved. Remember also to note down the time and location of the accident. If an officer arrives at the scene, take his or her badge number as well.
  • Take pictures – How else will you capture the damage done to your car and the vehicle at fault? Take pictures and videos. Make sure your videos and photographs capture the traffic signs, the direction each vehicle was heading, and the other vehicle’s license plates. All these are vital details that will help you file a claim successfully.
  • Talk to witnesses – Take the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident. They may have to testify during the trial.
  • Follow up with the district attorney – Make the follow up to know what the party at fault was convicted of. A conviction of any kind will make your case stronger in court if you choose to file a lawsuit.

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Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurer about the accident. Make sure you inform them that an uninsured driver hit you. This piece of information is essential because it’ll affect the whole claims process. When you call, have the following details with you:

  • The policy number on your insurance card
  • The date, time and location of the accident
  • The contact details of the driver at fault
  • A detailed report of the accident – inform your insurance company you have pictures or videos

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No-Fault States

Florida is a no-fault state. This means the car accident claims process is somewhat different in Florida. A no-fault state means that it doesn’t matter who was at fault for the accident; your insurance company will have to partially or entirely foot your medical bills and lost earnings.

Please take note of this because it also means that it doesn’t matter whether the driver at fault had insurance or not. You’ll have to file your claim with your insurance provider.

The Best Insurance Cover for Accidents with Underinsured and Uninsured Drivers

You never know when an uninsured driver will ram into your car. It happens when you least expect it. Fortunately, there are preventive measures you can take.

You can apply for uninsured motorist coverage. It is an optional coverage in Florida, and such a good idea to have now that more than 20 other states require it.

With uninsured motorist coverage, your insurance provider will be bound to step in. They’ll be forced to cover bodily injury costs to you and your passengers. This is typically what someone else’s liability insurance does. In simple terms, uninsured motorist cover helps cover risks, such as loss of income and medical expenses.

The Court Option

You may take the at-fault driver to court and sue for damages and incurred expenses if you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage. You’ll need a competent car accident lawyer in Florida to help you with filing and arguing the lawsuit.

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