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What to Do About Identity Theft

The more the technology is advancing, the more the cases of identity theft are increasing

About Identity Theft

Technology has dominated our lives. It has changed who we are and how we function as a society. Many of us can’t survive or operate each day without a piece of technology. Technology has certainly changed our lives. Most would even agree that it has made our lives easier. However, some would certainly agree that it has also made our lives more difficult and complex. One major reason for this is that with the increase of technology, personal identity theft has also increased.

Over the last several years, many companies and organizations have experienced security breaches that have involved information theft, particularly with credit and debit card numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account numbers, and even medical or health insurance information. As a result, there have been many cases where individuals’ identities’ were stolen and experienced extreme financial damages and even financial ruin.

Today a security breach can occur pretty much anywhere. It can involve making either an online or in-store purchase, being a patient at a medical or dental practice, or even a basic gym membership.Company computers and technology have become major targets even if they only contain personal information. Company servers are known to be hacked by outside users and even internal employees who have used or even sold company information illegally.

If you have reason to believe your personal identity and information has been stolen, the Law Team at Fetterman & Associates can help you. Although many victims have not realized that their identity has been stolen for weeks or sometimes even months, it is best to seek legal guidance and representation as soon as you believe your identity has been stolen. This will become apparent if you notice any type of suspect activity or problems with your financial accounts, personal information, or any aspect of your identity.

In addition to contacting a professional personal identity theft attorney Palm Beach, it is important for an individual to contact the institution, organization, or health insurance provider as soon as possible to report the problem. It is also important to contact local, state, and federal law enforcement and authorities. It is important to first stop any illegal actions that are being perpetrated on your identity and to understand in what manner your identity has been hacked and the impact.

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A qualified and experienced identity theft lawyer, such as those on the Law Team at Fetterman and Associates, will listen to your case and help you determine who is responsible for the breach of security that led to the theft of your identity. From there, we will do the necessary research to determine the next charges and take the next steps in a legal proceeding.

Qualified and Experienced Identity Theft Attorneys Help You

If you have been the victim of identity theft, the Law Team at Fetterman and Associates will represent your civil case against the company that has put you and your information in jeopardy. Contact us today at 561-845-2510 or visit us online to learn more about scheduling a free initial, no-obligation consultation and interview to see how we plan to go about representing your case.

Then, we will begin working for you to ensure that you receive the proper settlement that you deserve and that you do not have to live the rest of your life in financial ruin due to the illegal actions of a third party offender.

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