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What to Bring to Your Personal Injury Consultation

Personal Injury Consultation

You have scheduled your appointment with a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach. But, now it is time to prepare for that consultation. Even though the consultation is free, it should be taken seriously.

During this initial appointment you will discuss your potential lawsuit, which means you need to show your attorney what you have in order for him or her to move forward.

Your attorney will handle the legal research and can help gather evidence. But, there are some things you can bring to make his or her job a little easier.


Be sure to write down any questions before your appointment. Keep a notepad with you so that as questions come up before your appointment, you can write them down, too. A consultation is not just for the attorney to get to know your case; it is for you to get answers to your questions as well.

Medical Bills and Records

If you can, gather your medical records as well as all medical bills you have paid on your own, which will help your personal injury attorney determine the damages you can request. This will also help your attorney determine the severity of your injuries.

Details Regarding the Accident

It is best you write down the details right after the accident happens. But, if you did not, write down the timeline as soon as possible for your attorney. Take notes regarding the injury, and be sure to include the date/time, circumstances that led to that injury, and witnesses.


If you have evidence you gathered on your own, bring that to the consultation. This can include the name of the party you are suing, evidence he or she was negligible, and photographs, if applicable.

Insurance or Other Correspondence

If the other party or their insurance company has sent you anything in the mail, including legal documents, settlement offers, etc., bring those to the appointment with you. They will let your attorney know whom you have talked to, the status of claims already filed, and so on.

Schedule a Consultation with a West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Being injured in an accident can leave you with a lot of questions. Schedule an appointment with a skilled personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach today.

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