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What is Tort Law?

Often when you research “personal injury” you will see the term “tort”—but what is tort law?

Tort Law

Understanding Tort Law

Torts are civil wrongs that have been inflicted by one person to another. Torts are part of civil law and are a way to remedy the wrongdoing of another person through financial compensation. The premise of tort law is simple: hold the person accountable for the damages their negligence has caused.

Types of Tort Cases

Most tort cases happen when one individual injures another because they are acting negligently or careless in some way. Negligence is a legal theory that is used as a base for most tort cases, including those involving medical malpractice, car accidents, product liability, and even slip and fall injuries.

Tort cases can also involve intentional acts. For example, a person who murders another person. That was intentional and they could face criminal as well as civil penalties for that act.

Hiring a Lawyer for Tort Cases is Imperative

There are numerous types of torts and there are an equal number of tort lawyers out there. Most tort lawyers specialize in personal injury, but there are some that specialize in specific types of tort cases, such as car accidents or product liability cases only.

When choosing a tort lawyer, you need to consider your case and the lawyer’s specialty. A medical malpractice attorney has different qualifications than a car accident attorney. But, in most cases, you will find that law firms specialize in various forms of tort cases.

So, when interviewing your attorney during a consultation, it’s important to get information regarding their experience on your specific type of case. While there are plenty of law firms out there that specialize in all tort cases, some are better at winning higher settlements on particular cases. Some other things you may want to assess when speaking to the attorney includes:

  • Contingency fee;
  • Your obligations or responsibilities;
  • Expected settlements;
  • Case length and duration;
  • Your comfort level with you attorney.

Meet with a West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney Today

Tort laws are very complex and require an expert. If you were injured because of someone’s intent or negligence, then you may have a viable tort case. Click here to contact the West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys at Fetterman & Associates, PA today for a no obligation consultation regarding your case. We can meet with you and tell you right away if you have a case.

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