What Is My Car Accident Worth?

In the wake of a car accident, you may wonder about your options for compensation. While considering filing a claim with the other party’s insurance or bringing a suit against the responsible party, it’s important to think about how much compensation you’re entitled to after your crash. Insurance companies often undervalue a victim’s damages, which is why it’s crucial to have an experienced attorney working for you and advocating on your behalf.

Your Medical Expenses and Lost Earnings

Two factors that directly impact the value of your personal injury claim are the total amount of your medical expenses and the earnings you lose while attending medical appointments or recovering from an accident. Those injured in an accident often see a variety of medical specialists after a crash, and it can be difficult to keep track of medical bills. An attorney can assist in tracking and documenting your expenses. On a similar note, careful documentation of time away from work is important in a personal injury case.

Severity of Injuries

The severity of your injuries significantly affect the value of a personal injury settlement. More severe injuries often take longer to heal, resulting in a lower quality of life, lower earning potential, and more medical expenses. This aspect of your case may require testimony from medical professionals, since much depends on how long it might take you to heal.

Long-Term Damage

Your injuries could have a long-term impact on your financial and physical well-being, driving up the potential value of a car accident case. If an injury has the potential to limit your income indefinitely, a personal injury case may seek to recover the value of your lost income for the duration of your career.

Some injuries require a substantial amount of lifelong care. For example, someone who sustains a traumatic brain injury during a car accident might need rehabilitative treatments and in-home care for the rest of their life. A personal injury case might seek to cover these expenses to reduce the burden on the victim and their family members.

Overall Quality of Life

Many car accident lawsuits attempt to quantify a victim’s pain and suffering. No matter how much medical treatment a victim receives, their quality of life may be permanently impacted by a car accident. If an accident limits your ability to care for your children, participate in activities of daily living, or otherwise enjoy your life, your personal injury case may be worth substantially more.

Get the Compensation You Deserve After a Car Accident

Whether you’re involved in a minor collision or a multi-car pileup, a car accident can seriously affect your financial and physical health. Rather than trusting your future to an insurance company, turn to the attorneys at Fetterman Law. Call our West Palm Beach office at 561-845-2510 to set up your complimentary case evaluation.

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