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On average, most Florida residents will travel into many different spaces and over varied surfaces. After leaving the house, one may walk across a public sidewalk to the car, from a parking lot to a local Starbucks, next to a construction site, into the work office, through the grocery store, inside the bank, and a myriad of other places. These daily travels are so commonplace that most never give it a thought. But, in all these areas, the individual trusts those in charge of maintaining the sidewalks, tile, floor, stairs, pavements, and other surfaces. When these locations are not up to reasonable standards, a slip, trip, and fall can arise–often with very serious consequences.

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Fetterman Law work with families in West Palm Beach and many other communities after a slip and fall that causes injury.

The law surrounding these cases is quite complex, and it often takes aggressive advocacy to ensure that those harmed receive compensation for their losses.

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Understanding Florida Slip & Fall Cases

A slip and fall may seem like an innocent accident without serious consequences. Still, in reality, many residents are seriously injured and rendered permanently disabled as a result of these incidents.

The potential for falls is ever-present, with some of the most common causes include:

  • Muddy walkways, stairs, and floors
  • Spilled liquids on tiles or hardwood
  • Loose floorboards
  • Broken stairs
  • Loose carpet or rough flooring
  • Hidden holes or unexpected floor drops
  • Uneven steps or steep inclines

Any fall can result in serious harm, including a brain injuryspinal injury, broken bones, sprains, dislocations, muscle tears, cuts, bruises, and much more. The risk of long-term damage is far higher for those with unique vulnerabilities, like the elderly and young children.

Common Injuries in Slip and Fall Accidents

It is possible to slip and fall almost anywhere. It can happen while you are shopping for groceries, visiting a friend’s house, or on a military base.

If you are injured, we can help you recover compensation. Here, you can learn about some of the most common injuries that occur in these accidents and how they can impact your life now and in the future.

Broken Bones

When you fall, you may impact the ground or another object with so much force that you experience broken bones. Those over the age of 65 are particularly susceptible to broken bones in a slip and fall accident.

One of the most dangerous breaks that can occur is to the hips. This is because it can lead to serious complications.

While this is true, you may also break your collarbone, shoulders, ribs, arms, or legs. These injuries may require surgery and ongoing rehabilitation to fully recover.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries may also occur when you slip and fall. You may experience pinched nerves, herniated discs, slipped discs, or fractured vertebrae. Other injuries can occur, as well.

Symptoms of injuries to the spinal cord vary and include everything from pain to paralysis. These injuries may be life-changing and result in you needing ongoing care for the rest of your life. This is one of the most serious injuries that can occur in a slip-and-fall accident.

Neck Injuries

If you injure your neck, it may cause serious and ongoing pain. While the term “whiplash” is commonly heard in relation to rear-end car accidents, it can also occur if you slip and fall. While injuries like this will usually heal with proper treatment, they can still cause pain for weeks or months after the incident.


If your head hits the ground or another object when you fall, you may suffer a concussion. Even if your head does not hit anything, a violent shaking action can cause a concussion. Symptoms of this include dizziness, headache, confusion, ringing in the ears, vomiting, and more.

Other TBIs

Concussions are the least serious type of TBI (traumatic brain injury). You may experience other head injuries that lead to serious issues now and in the future. Examples include skull fractures, a diffuse axonal injury, or a subdural hematoma.

The injuries caused by a slip and fall accident can impact your life now and in the future. They can make it impossible to work and even take care of yourself. If you slip and fall on someone else’s property, call our lawyers to see if you have grounds to file a claim for compensation.

Falling Accidents in Florida – Legal Accountability

Residents often wonder about their legal options in the aftermath of a fall that causes serious harm. In general, most slip and fall cases hinge on “premise liability” rules in the law.

Premise liability refers to instances where a third party–usually an owner or operator of a space–is held accountable for the harm caused to others while on the property.

In 2010, Florida state legislators amended the existing law on this subject. Under the current rules, Florida Statute §768.0755, an individual seeking to hold property owners accountable following this harm must meet very particular requirements.

Specifically, under the law, the injured party must usually collect evidence that proves the other party had a duty to maintain the property, had actual or constructive knowledge about the dangerous condition on the property which caused the accident, failed to maintain the property, and the failure caused the injury.

Meeting these requirements may vary depending on the site of the accidents, as rules are different for businesses, private homes, and public or governmental spaces.

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