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Every day we visit places owned by others, from work and the grocery store to a gym or the home of a friend. We expect these places to be safe and free from harm. However, when a premises includes a dangerous condition, you may suffer significant injury.

If you have been injured as the result of a dangerous condition on the property of another, our personal injury lawyers at Fetterman law are here to help. We work in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, and other local communities.

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Premises Liability in West Palm Beach

In Florida, property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their properties are safe for visitors. If an owner fails to make sure the property is safe, those who have been injured on the property–such as a home, a grocery store, a gym, a restaurant, or a department store–may receive compensation for their injuries. Generally the injured person must demonstrate that:

  • The property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition;
  • The property owner failed to repair and/or give warning of the dangerous condition; and
  • He or she was injured by the dangerous condition.

Visitors on a property are still required to exercise reasonable care for their own safety. Two common types of premise liability cases are referred to as “slip and fall” and “negligent security.”

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Slip and Fall : The types of conditions that can lead to injury on a property include uneven sidewalks, inadequate lighting, slippery substances on floors, debris in aisles, missing handrails on stairways, broken windows or doors, dangerously displayed merchandise, or the like.

Negligent Security : When those who own public spaces like a bar or restaurant fail to take reasonable precautions to keep patrons safe, like hire adequate bouncers or ensure proper parking lot lighting, then owners may be liable for harm caused by third-parties.

The Different Levels of Care

Visitors to a property generally fall under one of three categories. Property owners owe different duties of care depending on how the visitor may be categorized.

  • Business Invitees – These are people who enter a property for business purposes, such as shoppers who visit a store or repair workers who enter a home. For business invitees, property owners must keep the property in a safe condition and must regularly inspect the property for any conditions that are dangerous. They must repair or warn of any known dangers and may be held liable for dangers that they should have known about.
  • Licensees – These are people who enter a premises for social purposes, such as friends, family members, and neighbors. For licensees, property owners must maintain the property in a reasonably safe manner, but need only warn of known dangers.
  • Trespassers – These are people who do not have permission to enter the property. Although a person is a trespasser, an owner still owes him or her a duty to warn of any known dangers once the owner discovers the trespasser on the property.

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