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It is a situation that happens far too often throughout Florida: a resident is walking out of a store (or restaurant or tavern) at night when they are suddenly attacked by a stranger.

Many assaults take place in darkened parking lots or alleyways, with criminals targeting those who are alone or who otherwise seem vulnerable.

These attacks raise many legal issues. Perhaps most obvious, those who intentionally assault another face criminal liability. In addition, individuals harmed by the intentional misconduct of another can seek compensation via the civil law to help in their recovery.

But on top of that, many are not aware that third-parties may also face liability for the intentional misconduct. This third-party liability often takes the form of “negligent security” cases where a property owner is held accountable for failure to keep their properties safe.

Negligent security cases are quite complex, often requiring aggressive advocacy to ensure full accountability for those responsible. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Fetterman law work with individuals throughout Florida on negligent security matters.

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Civil Liability & Negligent Security Florida

Negligent security lawsuits are unique in that they hold a third-party liable for the intentional actions of another person. These matters are usually rooted in premise liability rules which dictate the duties that property owners have to others.

While a property owner cannot be responsible for every intentional act of another person, the owner does have certain duties to keep spaces safe and minimize the risk of harm caused by the misconduct of others.

For example, if a property owner knows that assaults and thefts are a risk in their specific community, they may have a duty to install sufficient lights in the parking lot or put in security cameras to deter potential criminals.

Failure to take these steps may increase the risk for attack and lead to third-party liability for negligent security in Florida.

Similarly, a bar or nightclub owner may be required to ensure adequate security within the facility to prevent fights that cause harm to patrons. Failure to have adequate security on hand may lead to liability and recovery for those hurt in the bar fight.

Common defendants in these cases include:

  • Residential apartment building owners
  • Office building owners and operators
  • Hotel and motel owners
  • Restaurant owners and landlords
  • Nightclub and tavern owners and operators

An attorney working on these cases often conducts extensive investigations to understand what the property owner should have done in light of past experiences or known risks.

The examination of past conduct is compared with the actual conduct of the owner in the present case to establish whether or not feasible safeguards were taken which contributed to the harm.

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Negligent Security cases are unique, complex matters that require the counsel of experienced attorneys. Our West Palm Beach negligent security lawyer at Fetterman law includes experienced premise liability lawyers with the resources necessary to tackle even the most challenging cases.

We are proud to fight on behalf of all Florida residents harmed in preventable accidents and hurt by intentional misconduct.

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Call us today at  561-845-2510 or contact us online using our free and secure submission form. We are available 24/7 to assist you and offer FREE initial consultations.


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