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Car accident victims in West Palm beach should contact an experienced West Palm Beach car accident lawyer as soon as possible!

Our car accident law firm in West Palm Beach can help you understand your legal rights and options and provide the support you need to recover from your injuries.

We understand the devastating impact of a car crash on an individual’s life, and so we are dedicated to providing our clients with the support and legal representation they need to navigate the complex legal process and recover the compensation they deserve.

Fetterman Law: West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Drawing from over five decades of collective expertise, Fetterman Law excels in personal injury law and business law. Our dedicated team is committed to addressing the unique needs of each client with meticulous attention, emphasizing communication, and striving to cultivate enduring partnerships as dependable legal counselors.

While our law offices are situated in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, and Palm City, we extend our comprehensive legal support throughout Florida.

Whether guiding business endeavors or navigating personal matters, we are devoted to being a trusted ally every step of the way.

Contact a West Palm beach personal injury lawyer today for a free case evaluation and to see the distinctive approach we bring to the table.

Meet Your Car Accident Lawyers in West Palm Beach, FL

Headshot of Evan Fetterman

At the forefront of Fetterman Law stands Evan Fetterman, the esteemed founder, and senior figure of our firm. With a legal career spanning back to 1968, Mr. Fetterman embarked on his journey in law upon graduating from New York University School of Law, achieving his Juris Doctor degree.

A pioneer in Palm Beach County, Florida, Mr. Fetterman was a trailblazer as the first lawyer to introduce accessible and affordable legal services to the wider public. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been a stalwart advocate for thousands of injury victims, passionately championing their rights.

He maintains an unwavering commitment, never representing insurance companies or large corporations, ensuring his dedication solely lies with the individuals seeking justice.

Headshot of Arthur Cavataro

After a three-year tenure representing corporations, Arthur Cavataro discovered his true passion lay in advocating for individuals rather than large corporations. In 1992, he made the pivotal decision to join the Law Team.

Since then, Mr. Cavataro has dedicated his practice solely to individuals and their families, adeptly managing an extensive array of injury and wrongful death claims, ensuring their voices are heard and rights are vigorously defended.

Mr. Cavataro has litigated cases throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast and has been a key trial team member, prosecuting numerous cases to verdict, including an $8.1 million wrongful death verdict.

How Our West Palm Beach Car Accident Law Firm Can Help

Proving liability in a car accident can be a complex process. To establish liability, the injured party must demonstrate that the other party was negligent in some way and that this negligence directly caused the accident and resulting injuries.

Here are some critical steps that our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys will take to establish liability in a car accident case:

  1. Review Traffic Laws to determine whether the other driver violated any laws or rules that may have contributed to the accident.
  2. Gather Medical Evidence: Medical records and documentation can help demonstrate the severity and extent of the injuries caused by the accident, establishing the amount of compensation you deserve.
  3. Expert Testimony: In some cases, expert testimony may be necessary to establish liability of the at-fault party. 
  4. Investigate the Accident: Thoroughly investigate the accident scene, collect witness statements, examine physical evidence, and review police reports.
  5. Evaluate Driver Behavior: Review the other driver’s behavior leading up to the accident, including looking for evidence of distracted driving, speeding, or other negligent behavior.

Important Initial Advice From a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

If you’re a car accident victim, knowing what to do after a car accident is pivotal for your case, and there are some crucial steps you can take to help yourself:

  • Attend all Medical Appointments: Regardless of the type of injury you suffered, ensure you attend all medical appointments and follow the advice of healthcare professionals to prioritize your recovery.
  • Be Careful with Language: Exercise caution with the language you use when communicating with the insurance company to protect your interests and rights.
  • Stay Off Social Media: Refrain from discussing the incident on social media to prevent potential complications or misuse of your statements.
  • Don’t Accept the First Offer: The insurance company may want to avoid litigation and make an initial offer way below what’s right. Avoid accepting the initial settlement offer from the insurance company without careful consideration.
  • Get in Touch with a West Palm Beach accident lawyer: Our skilled attorneys will guide you through the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve.

You Only Have 2 Years

Under Florida Law, you have just 2 years from your accident date to make your claim. While this may initially sound like a long time, it’s actually a lot less than other states.

When you factor in the amount of time it takes to gather all the evidence needed to build a successful car accident case, to have a tight insurance claim and to file a lawsuit, which can be incredibly difficult to do yourself, two years really isn’t long at all.

That’s why we encourage you to contact our West Palm Beach accident lawyers as soon as possible if you’ve been involved in a car accident.

Key Evidence

In the aftermath of a car a crash, no matter if it’s a head-on collision, rear end accident or a T-bone accident, gathering crucial evidence promptly can significantly impact the success of your personal injury claim.

We understand that dealing with such matters can be overwhelming, especially when injured. That’s why we’ll have a dedicated auto accident lawyer in West Palm Beach to alleviate the burden.

Essential evidence to gather includes:

  1. Police Documentation: This document often contains vital details about the incident.
  2. Medical Records: This includes hospital records, doctor’s notes, and invoices for treatments received.
  3. Eyewitness Statements: If feasible, gather statements from individuals who witnessed the accident. Eyewitness accounts can provide valuable perspectives on the events leading up to the crash.
  4. Photo/Video Evidence: Capture photographs or videos of the accident scene, vehicle damages, and any visible injuries. Visual documentation serves as potent evidence supporting your case.

By entrusting us with your case, you can focus on your recovery while we work diligently to build a strong foundation for your car accident claim.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to an auto accident attorney in West Palm Beach to help gather the evidence you need and to file a claim on your behalf.

Sounds Great, But How Much Will it Cost?

When you turn to our law firm seeking assistance with your car accident personal injury claim, rest assured, our services operate on a contingency fee basis. This simply means that our fee is contingent upon the success of your case and your subsequent recovery of compensation.

Upon reaching this stage, we will deduct a percentage from the settlement you receive. As you enlist our services as your legal representation, we ensure complete transparency by discussing this percentage and incorporating it into the contract signed by all parties involved.

We prioritize clarity regarding our costs and are readily available to address any queries you may have regarding the payment process.

Why Choose Us Over Other West Palm Beach Car Accident lawyers?

Certainly, any car accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL could take on your personal injury lawsuit and pursue compensation that’s due to you, but you need to ensure you hire one that puts your needs as a priority.

You don’t want to be just another case file on a desk with empty promises of returning your calls and taking the insurance companies to the cleaners.

Instead, you are always our priority, and we make it our mission to not just fight for you on the legal front but to always be that pillar of support in the aftermath of your injuries.

What Clients Think of Us

A great law firm!

“My friend told me you were a great law firm. You handled my case great, you guys are wonderful. You answered all my questions. When I called, I always get a response fast. I think you are great!”

Concerned about the client’s wellbeing

“Awesome, great job! Kept me informed, kept me in the loop of everything. They were really more concerned about my treatment then a settlement, which really spoke volumes to me. When I first met Mr. Bie, he made eye contact and was genuinely concerned about me, you know. That meant a lot to me, I didn’t feel like he was just chasing something. He was concerned about my wellbeing. Every time I talked to him on the phone, his first question was always “how are you doing?”. I recommend this firm to anyone.”


“I selected you guys because honestly, I went on Google, saw you had really great reviews. I saw you guys handled cases professionally. You guys got everything done that clients needed done. You guys take care of everything. I would recommend you 100%, A+ you guys did great. Everything was perfect.”

Damages Our Attorneys Can Help You Recover

If you have been hurt in a car accident in West Palm Beach, you may be entitled to recover damages to compensate you for your losses.

The specific damages you receive depend on the circumstances of your case. Some of the damages commonly awarded in car accident cases include the following:

  • Medical expenses: This includes any medical bills you incur as a result of the accident, including hospitalization, surgery, medications, physical therapy, and other related costs.
  • Lost wages: If your injuries prevent you from working, you may be entitled to recover lost wages for the time you cannot work.
  • Future expenses: If your injuries are severe and will require ongoing medical treatment or will prevent you from working, you may be entitled to recover damages for future medical expenses and lost earnings.
  • Property damage: If any of your personal property, such as your vehicle or personal belongings, was damaged in the accident, you may be entitled to recover the cost of repairs or replacement.
  • Pain and suffering: This includes compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering you experienced due to the accident.

We have a lawyer to help you understand your legal rights regarding recovering damages and discuss your options after a car accident in West Palm Beach.

Services We Offer

While our attorneys are adept at all types of car accidents, even ones involving Lyft, Uber and taxi cab drivers, when you confide in us, you’re also gaining the expertise across multiple areas of personal injury law:

Other Locations We Serve

We’re proud to serve all counties across Florida, including:

Brevard County

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In addition, if you need the expertise of a Palm Beach car accident lawyer, our team cover all the major locations in the county:

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Understanding the profound and far-reaching impacts of a car accident, we at Fetterman Law are fully committed to providing our clients with the essential support and legal representation needed for a successful recovery.

From conducting a thorough investigation into the accident to establishing liability and negotiating with insurance companies, our dedicated team will stand by you every step of the way to ensure you recover the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Delaying seeking legal assistance may affect your ability to obtain the compensation needed to support your recovery.

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