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If you have been in a car accident in West Palm Beach Florida, Fetterman & Associates is ready to fight for you in order to get you the compensation that you deserve. If you’re involved in a serious auto accident, it’s important to have a Car Accident Attorney West Palm Beach, who is experienced and knowledgeable in representing those who have suffered the effects of a life-changing accident. Fetterman & Associates, PA has the experience, drive, and diligence to win your personal injury lawsuit.

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Florida is a No-Fault State with a Qualitative Threshold

Florida is a no-fault state in which all passenger vehicle owners are required to have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. No Fault or PIP provides for payment of 80% of medical bills and/or 60% of wage loss up to a maximum total of $10,000.

Additionally, under recent changes, if approved treatment is not received within 14 days, medical coverage may be limited to $2,500. The law pertains to all vehicles with four or more wheels that are registered in the state.

No-fault insurance is designed to limit the number of lawsuits that might be brought and to help keep insurance rates low.

However, because Florida is a no-fault qualitative threshold state, if you have been injured in a major manner in a vehicle accident, you are allowed to sue and recover for damages that you have suffered.

Car Accident FAQs:

Help For West Palm Beach Accident Injury Victims

The Law Team of Fetterman & Associates, PA offers aggressive legal representation for car accident victims who have suffered serious injuries. If you’re in a serious accident and suffer serious auto accident injury, you are permitted to sue the negligent party in the State of Florida.

Those who do suffer from such injuries are exempt from the limitations of Florida’s no-fault law, as the state has a qualitative threshold, which means that one can sue for damages if they reach a certain point.

If you have been in an auto accident and have suffered an injury involving extensive treatment and that has caused permanent, disfiguring, or disabling injuries, then you may sue.


Standing Up For Victims’ Rights for Over 40 Years.

A Florida personal injury lawyers that will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Fetterman & Associates, PA is ready to utilize all of our resources and vast experience to make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Do I Always Need A Lawyer After A Car Crash?

Video Transcription:

I’m having Fetterman, do I always need a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer after a car crash. Many people ask that question, the truthful answer is no there are many cases. People can handle on their own if you only have a few aches and pains after crashing you fully recover after a few weeks.

Honestly, there’s no need for a lawyer, the insurance company will probably be happy to give you a little money to sign a release but don’t sign anything until you sure you’re OK.

How do you know if you really need a Port St Lucie Auto accident attorney well a simple answer is to call us. We never charge to discuss the case and we’ll be happy to tell you your rights and how you can best protect yourself and your family and whether you need a personal injury lawyer lawyer or not no pressure no conditions were happy to help.

I will even show you my book smart lawyer smart clients. What to do in case a car crash for free? I am event recommend if you need a legal help call me 561-845-2510.

What Fetterman & Associates PA Will Do for You

The seasoned team of West Palm Beach car accident lawyers and legal professionals at Fetterman & Associates, PA will provide aggressive representation to those who have been injured in auto accidents.

In every case, we will use all available resources to get you the best possible settlement, in negotiation or in court.

If your suit does go to court, we will build a strategy utilizing all pertinent evidence to secure a just judgment that includes appropriate monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

Plus, we will fight to secure compensation for other damages that have compromised your ability to earn a living or enjoy life as you once had.

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Fetterman & Associates, PA serving Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter and Port St. Lucie provides thorough and comprehensive legal representation to those who have been involved in serious auto accidents and other vehicle issues related to the law.

Contact us online or call at 561-845-2510. Our Port St auto accident attorneys are ready to represent you and fight for you to receive justice.

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