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One of the most dangerous things we do every day is to drive our cars. Because Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in the United States, chances that you will be in a car crash are virtually high. According to a Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles crash report, 403,626 car collisions were reported in 2018 alone, where 236,157 people sustained crash-related injuries.

Car accidents can be expensive, time-consuming, and it can be frustrating to get back on the road again. No one is ever prepared for the disruption a car crash can cause to their regular routine. It’s not uncommon for car accident victims to appear alright after an accident, only to experience debilitating pain later after a few days.

When you’re involved in a car accident, there are some crucial steps that you should take. Apart from seeking medical care, notifying your carrier, and filing a police report, it’s important that you contact experienced Port St Lucie car accident attorneys for legal representation. Your attorney will offer you sound legal advice, even if your case seems straightforward, and you’re guaranteed that you’ll receive a fair settlement.

At Fetterman & Associates Law Team, we are accustomed to helping car accident victims through the difficulties that come after a car crash. Our lawyers have experience dealing with health service providers, law enforcement, and insurance adjusters to help make your recovery as smooth as possible. We will analyze your insurance coverage and that of the other party and identify your options. Our experienced Port St Lucie car accident attorneys take the time to explain the law so that you know what to expect. We have a reputation for taking on the toughest cases that other attorneys won’t.

How Can Port St Lucie Car Accident Attorneys Help you Get a Fair Compensation?

Contrary to common belief, not all car crashes are accidents. A car accident is an incident where nobody is at fault for the collision. However, if a car accident could have been avoided with proper care for others, then it’s not really an accident. For example, if a driver is driving while drunk or texting while driving, is the crash really an accident, or could it have been prevented? Our Port St Lucie car accident attorneys will analyze all the events and help you get fair compensation for your injuries.

After a car crash, you may feel disoriented, especially if you have been injured. However, it’s important that you try and conserve evidence that the other driver is at fault. You can do so by taking pictures of your damaged car and the injuries you’ve suffered. Skid marks can also help your Port St Lucie car accident attorneys determine the angle your vehicle may have been struck. Your attorney may also help you preserve evidence by:

Writing a letter of spoliation

Contacting a Fetterman & Associates Law Team attorney immediately after the car crash is important so that they can draft and send a letter of spoliation to the other party. This letter will prevent them from tampering or destroying potential evidence. For example, your Port St Lucie car accident attorneys will write a spoliation letter requesting that the other party not fix the vehicle until your attorney or investigator has taken pictures of the vehicle.

Recovering video footage

In Florida, there are cameras in almost every area, and they may have recorded your accident. Our experienced attorneys will make a formal request to help obtain the footage. We will then use this footage to validate your case and to also make a claim against the other party’s insurer that will use any reason to devalue or even deny your claim. Additionally, if you were struck by a truck or vehicle that records electronic data, we will obtain it and use it to determine the vehicle’s speed before the crash.

Damages that Stem From an Automobile Accident

Car accident victims often incur various losses after a crash. Some of the common losses you can incur after a car crash include:

Property damage

Even a minor car accident can cause great damage to your car, and you may incur a lot of money to repair it. When the other party is responsible for the car crash, you deserve to be compensated fairly and not only for the costs of repairing your car – but also for the diminished value. Some types of damages can significantly decrease your car’s value, and the other driver’s insurer should compensate you.

Medical expenses

Medical care costs are on the rise, and treating injuries sustained after a car accident can get expensive. Even if you sustained minor injuries, you’d still have to visit the emergency department, receive medication, pay for diagnostic tests, make follow-up visits, and more. For serious injuries, like those to the back, neck, and brain, you may be hospitalized, undergo surgery, or even need long term assistance. At such a time, you need a Fetterman & Associates Law Team attorney in your corner who will consider your past and future medical expenses to ensure that you get full compensation for your injuries.

Who should pay your medical bills after a car accident?

If you’ve sustained injuries after a car crash in Florida, you’re most likely asking yourself who is going to pay for your medical bills and what role your insurance and that of the other party will play. If you’re the one named on the car insurance policy, you will make a no-fault claim under your PIP or personal injury protection coverage.

You can also make a MedPay claim if you chose this option when you purchased your car insurance policy. MedPay is optional in Florida, but it offers additional assistance in paying for medical bills because it covers deductibles and copays. However, you can only use MedPay to pay for medical bills.

Both MedPay and PIP will cover your medical bills without regard to who’s at fault. However, because MedPay only covers medical bills, it won’t help cover other costs like a car repair or loss of income. Additionally, MedPay and PIP are claims referred to as first-party claims, which means that you’ll be making a claim against your carrier, rather than against the other party’s insurance company.

The Fetterman & Associates Law Team attorneys have been dealing with insurance companies for years, and they are familiar with the various insurance policies. Therefore, they can help you file insurance claims. From PIP to MedPay and health insurance, we will answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us today with any questions regarding your insurance claims.

Lost income

Your injuries may keep you out of work for some time. If you sustained more serious injuries, you might also be unable to return back to your previous job. Losing even a few days’ wages can affect your finances, especially if you’re struggling to cover your medical bills. Therefore, whether you’re unable to get back to work for a few days or won’t return to your previous job, you should be compensated for your lost income.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering after a car crash is a complex concept to define, explain, and prove in court. While some car accident claims like lost wages and medical bills are easy to calculate, it’s difficult to calculate the pain and suffering caused by a car accident. However, your Port St Lucie car accident attorneys will accomplish this by dividing your damages into economic damages (lost wages, medical bills, etc.) and non-economic damages (pain and suffering). It’s important to understand that there are two types of pain and suffering, including:

Mental pain and suffering: This is the emotional torment (like PTSD) that you suffered after the car crash.

Physical pain and suffering: If you sustained physical injuries, you most likely experienced physical pain after the crash, during surgery, during recovery, and while in rehab.

While pain and suffering are difficult to prove in court, it’s not impossible. Your Fetterman & Associates Law Team attorney will explain to the jury how the crash has affected you, and how it caused you pain and suffering. Your attorney will use the psychiatric exam as proof to convince the jury.

Contact Port St Lucie Car Accident Attorneys You Can Trust

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and the other driver is to blame, you shouldn’t have to pay for your medical bills or lose your income. You’re entitled to financial compensation from the party at fault. At Fetterman & Associates Law Team, our personal injury attorneys have years of experience representing car accident victims in Florida. Contact us today, and we will help you navigate this complex path and maximize your insurance claims.



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