Vehicle Rollovers in Palm Beach County Send Several to Area Hospitals.

Vehicle Rollovers in Palm Beach County Send Several to Area Hospitals

Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle Rollovers

Two separate car accidents in Palm Beach County around the middle of the month both involved vehicle rollovers, and both were serious enough to send some of the vehicle occupants to the hospital.

In a single car accident southbound on the Florida Turnpike in Boynton Beach, a car struck a wall and rolled over, landing on its side in the road. The driver of the vehicle was taken to Bethesda Hospital West and treated for minor injuries.

In Lake Worth, two vehicles were involved in an automobile accident which left one vehicle up against a tree while the other car rolled over. Occupants in the rollover vehicle had to be cut out of their car with the Jaws of Life by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Two of the accident victims were transported to JFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

Bigger Vehicle Design Increases Likelihood of Rollovers

In case you haven’t noticed, cars, vans, SUVs and pickup trucks have been getting bigger and bigger over the past several years. Despite increased attention to vehicle safety in design and manufacture, bigger cars tend also to be taller and more top-heavy, with a higher center of gravity. These factors make the vehicle more likely to roll over when struck in a collision with another car, or even in a single-vehicle accident. Although technology such as Electronic Stability Control and computerized traction control has been around for decades and could cut crashes and fatalities in half, these technologies have still not been universally adopted by automakers, even though the addition to a vehicle’s price tag may be only about $100.

Vans, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles with a higher likelihood of rollover should at least be built with sturdy, reinforced roofs, yet this is one of the areas of the automobile that is typically not considered for durability in a rollover accident, which happens relatively infrequently compared to other accidents. A rollover combined with a roof crush often results in a fatality or permanent injury such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord paralysis.

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