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Vehicle Accident Victims: Know Your Rights

Were you recently involved in a car accident? Vehicle accidents happen every day. In fact, traveling by car or truck is still one of the most dangerous forms of travel and results in the most casualties and fatalities. However, if you or someone you know has been recently involved in a vehicle accident, you may be entitled to a settlement for your pain, suffering, and potential financial burden. The Law Team of Fetterman & Associates has over forty years of experience fighting for the rights of vehicle accident victims in the state of Florida.

vehicle accident victims


No one ever plans on being in a vehicle accident. Most accidents happen in a flash and are unexpected. However, it is unfortunate that every day Florida residents and guests are involved in accidents that result in pain and suffering, injuries, and even death. Anyone who has been involved in an accident before knows the extreme cost and inconvenience that can come along with it. Whether it is sustaining minor injuries, medical bills, lost wages, or even the inconvenience of being without a vehicle are all reasons why victims should contact the Law Team of Fetterman & Associates today to learn your rights and for legal representation and defense.

Rights of Accident Victims

The Law Team of Fetterman & Associates wants to help vehicle accident victims learn their rights, and work alongside them to help reach a fair settlement with the offender that to help victims get their lives back on track and seek the support and assistance needed to do so. Our law team is proud to be able to help so many Florida residents on a daily basis seek proper settlements and compensation for emotional and financial damage, pain, and suffering that they have endured. We specialize in providing legal representation and defense for residents hurt or impacted in any way in any number of incidents, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Burn Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • And More

If you have been involved in a severe vehicle accident, and due to intense or severe injuries, can no longer work, the Law Team of Fetterman & Associates will also assist clients with receiving fair social security benefits. However, dealing with Social Security benefits for these types of accidents can be challenging and stressful, particularly if a victim is already under stress due to a recent accident. Our law team can help apply for and acquire Social Security benefits on behalf of our clients so they don’t have to. This is just one way our law team goes above and beyond to help clients who are suffering from a recent accident.

Working with our firm isn’t like working with another law firm. Our professional legal team takes the time and puts in the effort for each one of our clients, because we realize that no two situations are the same. Each individual has his or her own case and situation, and each individual is impacted by an accident uniquely.

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If you have recently been in an accident, and would like to know your rights and how you might be entitled to a settlement involving compensation, contact our law office today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will review your situation and case, go over the outcome and details of the accident, and discuss legal options and potential settlement compensation with you. We believe in working with clients in these tough situations so they make informed decisions, particularly those whose lives have been impacted severely from a recent accident.

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