The Unique Dangers of Driving Near Tractor Trailers

There are countless tractor-trailers driving on roads and interstates at any given time of day or night. While big rig trucks play an extremely important role in the economy, with all these large vehicles on the road, the number of tractor trailer related accidents is shockingly high.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

As most people know, being involved in a crash with a tractor trailer can result in serious injuries or even death. To help minimize the risk of a tractor trailer accident, a driver needs to be knowledgeable about the unique risks. Being aware of these dangers allows you to safely drive near tractor trailers.

However, if you ever all involved in a big rig related accident that is the fault of another driver, it is crucial that you hire a quality personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach. An attorney will not only improve the chances you have of receiving a fair amount of compensation but can also ensure you receive the medical treatment you need. With the help of an attorney, you can focus on your recovery while your lawsuit case is taken care of.

Dangers Associated with Tractor Trailers

One of the first noteworthy dangers is that tractor trailers weigh much more than traditional passenger vehicles. This means that your car is much more vulnerable when on the road. The Truck Report states that 80,000 pounds is the legal weight for a tractor trailer. Compare this to the average weight of a typical passenger vehicle, which is 5,000 pounds and you see how vulnerable you are.

Truck Report
Another issue is that tractor trailers are much more powerful than a passenger vehicle. Big trucks have an average horsepower of 600 pounds while most passenger vehicles only have horsepower of 200 pounds. With this large amount of weight and power, it is best for drivers to maintain a safe distance from these powerful machines while on the road.

Tractor trailers are also much larger and longer than passenger vehicles. In fact, the average big rig is up to 80 feet and the height of the truck is around 13.5 feet.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous issues related to tractor trailers is that it takes the trucks longer to stop. If you consider the size and weight of the trucks, it is no surprise that it takes so long to stop. In fact, it takes up to 40% more time to fully stop. This means that if there is a tractor trailer behind you, make sure they are not tailgating. If they do, it may result in a serious accident if you have to stop suddenly.

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Are You Owed Monetary Compensation?  

If you, or someone you love, suffers and injury after a truck related accident, it is absolutely essential that you hire a quality personal injury lawyer. The injury lawyers at Fetterman & Associates can review your case and help you recover the damages you deserve.

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