Understanding the Most Common Daycare Injuries and What Rights You Have as a Parent

If you are like many parents, you may find it difficult to leave your child at daycare. However, you do this, believing that your child will be well-cared for and that the daycare has taken the necessary safety precautions to ensure that no harm comes to them.

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries at daycare can and do happen. In some cases, the accidents cause debilitating injuries, which can affect the entire family. Keep reading to find out what options you have to prevent injuries at daycare and how you can take action if your child is injured.

Injuries on the Playground

For older children, one of the most common type of preschool and daycare injuries are those that occur on the playground. According to the CDC, over 200,000 children under the age of 14 are admitted to the ER each year for injuries sustained while on the playground.

The severity of playground related accidents ranges from bruises and cuts, to more serious injuries such as strangulation and a brain injury. In many situations, these injuries occur while a child is in the care of a daycare facility or while they are at school.

If you have a child who is old enough to play on a playground, you should talk to the daycare facility about the maintenance of the toys and activities, and make sure that everything is compliant with the safety regulations in place. Make sure you also ask about how children will be supervised while they are playing.

Falling or Loose Objects

It’s well known that young children often have an intense interest with various loose items, such as desks, chairs, shelves, and tables. Loose items have a tendency to be picked up by children, which may cause an injury when the items are dropped or if they fall. Also, top-heavy furniture may fall on a child, which can cause a catastrophic injury.

When you are trying to choose a daycare, make sure you take a tour of the facility and watch for any possible hazards. If the daycare has any large toy shelves or bookshelves, they need to be securely anchored to the wall, and there should not be any heavy objects kept on the upper shelves.

Burns from Bottle Warmers

Older children are not the only ones who are at risk for a daycare related injury. Infants may be burned or scalded after the daycare staff uses crock pots or bottle warmers to heat up their bottles. In addition to being fed formula that is too hot, the child may try to reach for the bottle, knocking over the warmer and causing a severe burn.

Find out if the daycare you are using uses a bottle warmer. If they do, it is smart to use purpose-made bottle warmers, instead of slow cookers.

What to Do if Your Child is Injured in a Florida Daycare

If your child is injured while in the care of a Florida daycare, there’s a good chance your entire family has been affected. You may also be dealing with financial issues that have been caused by expensive medical bills and lost wages if you had to miss work to provide care for your injured child.

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