Understanding the “Hours of Service” Rule that Truckers Must Follow

Hours of service rule

There’s no question that the trucking industry is extremely demanding. For many decades, truck drivers have been pushed to work as much as possible for the trucking companies that have hired them. With the growth in popularity of online shopping and the presence of an aging workforce, the demands being placed on both trucking companies and truck drivers are growing even more. In many situations, truck drivers are asked to spend a dangerous number of hours on the road.

The Law

Due to the dangers presented by overworked and tired truck drivers, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) stepped in. This is the organization that created the hours of service rule.

The purpose of this new rule was to limit how much time a single driver was allowed to drive without stopping for a break or to sleep. The goal of these new rules was to put a limit on the total hour’s drivers could remain on the road in a single stretch without taking a break of between eight and 10 hours (this varied based on the situation). It also puts a limit on the total number of hours that a driver was allowed to remain driving during a seven or an eight-day period of time.

Implementing the Hours of Service Rule

Unfortunately, this new hour of service rule is not very popular with those who work in the trucking industry. Drivers do not like this because they feel it puts limits on the amount of money they are able to earn. However, it wasn’t just the drivers that disliked this new rule. Trucking companies did not like it either because it causes scheduling conflicts and it means the company has to ensure more active drivers remain on duty during a specific amount of time.

Also, there are many drivers looking for ways to “work around” the rule, with some trucking companies encouraging them to do this, even though the company and driver will face serious fees if they are caught.

Protecting Other Drivers on the Road

The truth of the matter is that the hours of service rule was created to protect truckers, along with everyone else that is on the road. If a trucker is too tired, it is likely they will fall asleep while they are behind the wheel, which is putting themselves and others at risk. Also, truckers that are overworked are more likely to suffer an accident.

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