Understanding the 14-Day Accident Law in the State of Florida


According to the 14-day accident law in the state of Florida, an injured victim has the right to seek medical care within 14 days after a car accident occurs. This rule is applicable to any claim that is filed under PIP – Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage. PIP is a type of car insurance that will cover medical expenses, along with other damages that may occur.

If you need information about this law and if it applies to your case, contacting a personal injury attorney is the best way to know what you need to do and how quickly you need to act.

Medical Care Qualifications

To qualify based on the 14-day accident law in Florida, you have to seek “initial services and care” from a healthcare provider who is qualified. This includes:

  • Medical doctors and/or nurse practitioners
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists

What Amount of Coverage is Available with PIP?

The total amount of compensation you are allowed to recover based on the 14-day rule is dependent on how severe your injuries are.

In Florida, the law requires that you (and all drivers) to carry PIP coverage that is a minimum amount of:

  • S10K in medical and disability benefits – and –
  • $5K in total death benefits

If you have suffered any type of “emergency medical condition, you may be eligible to recover (based on the policy limits of the PIP coverage):

  • As much as 80% of all your expenses for any services deemed medically necessary
  • As much as 60% of all lost income and/or earning capacity

Based on the 14-day accident law in Florida, the “emergency medical condition” is any type of serious condition that results in severe pain. It will be discovered by a qualified healthcare provider when no immediate care may result in:

  • Dysfunction of any part of your body or organ
  • Serious problems with your health
  • Serious impairment to your bodily functions

If the accident you were involved in did not result in an “emergency medical condition,” then the recovery will be limited to just $2,500 in total compensation. Examples of non-emergency injuries include things like bruises that result from the accident.

However, this is a determination that doesn’t have to be made within a 14-day period after your accident. You only have to seek medical care and treatment during this time to qualify.

The Benefits of Calling a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

It’s a good idea to call a personal injury attorney in the state of Florida any time that you have been in an accident. An attorney will be able to help you navigate this rather complicated process to ensure you get the results and the compensation that you deserve.

Some of the reasons that an insurance company may refuse to pay include:

  • You didn’t receive medical care within a period of 14-days after your accident occurred
  • You didn’t suffer any type of emergency medical condition
  • The injuries that you claimed were different than what you actually suffered

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