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Truck Accidents in Florida Each Year

How Many Truck Accidents Are There Each Year in Florida?

Truck accidents are increasing at an alarming rate in the state of Florida. An accident with a truck or other commercial vehicle isn’t like an accident involving a car or other small vehicle. The results of a truck accident are often devastating.

Truck Accident Statistics

● Every sixteen minutes a person is gravely injured or killed in a truck-related accident in the United States.
● There are over 400,000 accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks each year in the United States.
● Tractor-trailer trucks account for 140,000 injuries each year.
● An estimated 3,700 passenger vehicle drivers and passengers are killed in a car accident with a truck each year in the United States.
● Fatigue is the most common cause of truck accidents.

Why Are the Numbers So High?

Truck Accidents in Florida

Truck accident numbers continue to climb throughout the United States, and especially in Florida. This is because the state of Florida relies on trucking companies to import and export goods, which helps build the state’s economy. As a result, because there are so many trucks on the road in the state, the number of accidents is expected to increase.

Many trucking companies are facing a shortage in drivers. As a result, there aren’t enough qualified drivers to keep up with delivery demands. The trucking workforce is shrinking and companies are finding it difficult to locate and hire qualified truck drivers. Additionally, the truck driver turnover rate is substantially high. As a result, many drivers are forced to drive more than eight hours per day (which is never recommended) in order to keep up with demands.

Some common reasons truck accident lawyers in Florida have to file suit include:

● Fatigued Driving
● Inexperience
● Alcohol or Drugs
● Overloaded Trucks
● Poorly Maintained Trucks (especially brakes)
● Distracted Drivers
● Poorly Maintained Safety Systems
● Failure to Yield
● Driving or Veering off the Road

What to Do if You’re Involved in a Truck Accident?

The damage from a truck-related accident is likely to be severe to a driver of a passenger vehicle. Even if the truck driver was not found at fault, there may be a third party that is responsible for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. It is in your best interest to contact truck accident lawyers in Florida to handle your case.

The attorneys at Fetterman & Associates, PA Law Team are your truck accident lawyers in Florida. We have handled hundreds of truck accidents throughout the state of Florida and we can represent you during your claim. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 561-845-2510.

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