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Top Reasons Social Security Disability Benefits are Denied

Many Americans suffer from serious conditions which leave them disabled and unable to live life as they used to. Having a debilitating condition inhibits people from working, drains their savings due to medical bills, and can dramatically alter quality of life.

Luckily, Americans can file to receive social security disability benefits. The government requires you to complete a series of steps before you can receive your first disability check.

Social Security Benefits

If your social security claim was denied, then it was likely due to the common reasons which include:

  • Your disability is due to drug addiction or alcoholism.If the condition you have would be cured by abstaining from alcohol, smoking or drugs, then your claim will likely be denied by the Social Security Administration.
  • The judge has detected fraud. All too often, people try to file claims using false information. This should never be done. If you are suspected of fraud you did not commit, get a lawyer.
  • You did not communicate with the Social Security Administration about the application. When you plan on relying on the federal government, it is essential for them to contact you. If they cannot communicate with you about your claims and to schedule examinations, then they may deny a claim.
  • Your condition is not long term. The disability must be likely to last more than 12 months.
  • Your condition is not severe enough. The condition you have must severely limit your quality of life. It has to alter your ability to function mentally or physically.
  • You did not follow prescribed therapy for an unapproved reason. The Social Security Administration does allow certain reasons for not seeking therapy such as religious beliefs which would prevent you from a medical procedure or therapy.
  • Your income is too high. When collecting disability, you can still work a small amount but once you make over the limit, you no longer qualify. Your income shows your ability to work.
  • Medical records were not shared with the Social Security Administration. In order to make a claim and collect disability, it is essential that your treating doctor’s medical records are complete. They reserve the right to request you submit to an examination by an approved doctor.

Navigating the system in order file for social security disability can be very difficult, especially when your health is suffering. Getting a lawyer upfront or at the denial of your claim is highly recommended. It is all too easy to make a minor mistake which leads to delays in your claim.

If you believe you are a candidate for social security benefits but you have been denied the benefit, contact Fetterman & Associates, PA today. We are available by phone at 561-845-2510 or online at Our lawyers offer free case evaluations to potential clients.

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