Top 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Top 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Riding a motorcycle has always been a dream for many people. It is a fun and fulfilling experience. However, it also requires attention and care. Motorcycle riding is 28 times less safe compared to car driving and requires a unique set of skills. To ride safely, you need many hours of practice and implement the following safety tips.

1. Wear a helmet always 

A recent study by the Institute for Highway Safety, functional helmets have a 37 percent effectiveness rate in preventing deaths linked to motorcycles and 67 percent effective rate in preventing different forms of brain injuries. Therefore, the easiest way to ensure personal safety when riding is to wear a functional, properly-fitting helmet each time you ride.

2. Inspect your bike before every ride

Regardless of your experience, there is always a chance that you can get yourself into serious trouble if your bike has mechanical issues. Before you start riding, make sure that;

  • The tire pressure is at the recommended safe level
  • The tires are not defective (no bulges or cracks)
  • The horn is fully functional
  • Lights and signals are functional
  • There is not muck in both mirrors that can obstruct your view
  • Nothing is leaking
  • The clutch, brakes, and throttle are fully functional
  • The fluid levels are safe

3. Cover up

In case you get involved in an accident, the resultant friction might cause serious damage to your body unless you take the right precautions. It is recommended to wear a helmet, cover your legs, arms, ankles, full feet, and hands. Even if you are riding on a hot day, wear leather or something strong that can offer a layer of protection between your body and the road. This could make a huge difference if you accidentally fall off your bike.

4. Never drink and ride

Probably you already know this, but we have to repeat it. There’s no safe amount of alcohol or other intoxicating substances for riding a motorcycle. In case you have imbibed, request a cab, or ask your friend to drive you home. Unless you are 100 percent sober, you should never risk your life and the safety of all other road users by riding under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

5. Don’t ride when sleepy

According to a recent study by the American Automobile Association, nearly 10 percent of accidents involving injuries to people and property damage involve drivers who chose to get behind the wheel while sleepy. It’s in your best interests to make sure that you’re sober before you start riding.

6. Learn more about motorcycle safety

Taking a motorcycle safety course can help you save money on insurance premiums and teach you both basic and advanced riding techniques. This is a crucial step in becoming a confident and safer rider. Besides, you will meet new motorcycle riders and probably strike up a friendship with them too.

7. Think like a cyclist 

A recent study published in the Transportation Research journal revealed that many drivers perceive cyclists as somewhat ‘less than fully human’ when riding a bike. This results in unintentional aggressive behavior towards cyclists. Though you might feel a little more empowered when riding a motorcycle instead of a bicycle, a similar phenomenon might happen when drivers see you.

Therefore, you should ride safely and defensively. If you realize that a driver is too close, use your horn to warn them. Always keep your headlight on, avoid vehicle blind spots, and use your turn signals effectively.

When riding a motorcycle, you should never take any unnecessary risks. Avoiding riding at night, on difficult terrain, or during the rain unless you are an experienced rider.

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