Top 5 Causes of Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries

By the time you’ve finished reading this blog at least 2 or 3 people will have sustained a traumatic brain injury in the United States. That’s because in America, someone suffers a brain injury every 21 seconds. This results in more than a million and a half Americans suffering from a head injury each and every year. While the majority of these brain injuries will be minor concussions, at least 80,000 will suffer permanent and irreversible brain damage. The effects of which, can be devastating and can alter your entire future.

The Top 5 Causes of Brain Injuries

A brain injury can be one of the most devastating and costly injuries an accident victim can face. While any accident can result in a brain injury, there are some more common causes, including:

  1. Falls – this is the number one cause of traumatic brain injuries and the elderly and small children often suffer more severe injuries after a fall. In fact, seniors are responsible for 62% of all traumatic brain injuries due to difficulties with balance and coordination, as well as the physical limitations of aging.
  2. Struck by an object – when individuals are struck by a hard object, they can sustain brain injuries. In fact, being struck by an object, such as a baseball bat, a brick or falling equipment, is the second leading cause of brain injury.
  3. Car crashes – car accidents are the third leading cause of brain injuries in the U.S. It is also the leading cause of TBI-related death for persons between the ages of 5 and 24 years of age.
  4. Violence – assault and violence accounts for 9% of all traumatic brain injuries. Among children, violence accounts for 3% of all head trauma.
  5. Sporting injuries – concussions and brain injuries sustained on the sports field injure numerous children and teens every year. In fact, more than 300,000 brain injuries are the result of a sports-related accident, such as hockey, football, baseball and soccer.

Preventing Brain Injuries

Fortunately, you can reduce your chances of sustaining a serious and life-threatening brain injury by taking the following steps:

  • Put away your phone while driving. Distracted driving kills
  • Avoid speeding
  • Never drink and drive
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Obtain regular eye exams as you age to prevent falls
  • Wear non-slip shoes when walking
  • Educate yourself on the side effects of medications
  • As you age, take preventative precautions by installing grab bars and handrails in showers
  • Always monitor children when playing on playground equipment
  • Make sure your child wears appropriate sporting safety gear
  • Recognize the signs of concussion so you can take action
  • Never allow your child to play through a concussion

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