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Top 4 Reasons to Not Make an Agreement at the Accident Scene

Right after an accident, you may think that your injuries are not that bad, and the damage to your car isn’t a huge deal. You may be approached by the other driver who is willing to pay for the vehicle or your injuries out of pocket to avoid the hassle of insurance. While they are trying to make it right, agreeing to this type of situation can limit or even compromise your legal options later.

It is best to leave the discussions to attorneys after the fact rather than come up with an agreement at the scene. Because even though the deal seems great, it will end up not working out as you had hoped later on.

Accident Scene

Reasons to Not Agree to Anything

You may be offered a few hundred dollars in cash or you may even be offered a few thousand. But, there are still reasons to not agree to anything at the scene, including:

• You Don’t Know Your Real Losses – You might feel great now, but what about a few days later when the real injuries show up? Soft tissue damage can take several days to weeks to manifest and by then, you’ve already accepted the low ball offer from the other driver.

• Damage to Your Vehicle Could be Hidden – Even if your vehicle seems okay, do not accept an offer for cash until you have it looked at by a mechanic or auto body specialist. You could have damage hidden and while it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it could cost thousands in repair.

• You Limit Your Chances for Compensation Later – If you make an agreement at the scene and accept money from the other party, then you could be limiting your chances for compensation later on when the real bills come in.

• Compensation at the Scene Doesn’t Include Time Off Work – Think about all of the costs associated with your accident. You may have small medical bills, but that also means you will take time off work. The compensation someone offers at the scene is never enough to fully cover your losses.

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Want Compensation? Speak to a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

Instead of making a deal at the scene, wait until you speak with a West Palm Beach car accident attorney. An attorney can assess your real losses and help you decide how much compensation you deserve.

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