The Danger of Having Pets Loose While You Drive


If you take your dog in the car, there’s a good chance they love to ride with their head out the window. Taking your pet along on a road trip is a must for most people – after all, they aren’t just an animal but a member of the family. 

Unfortunately, there is a serious risk related to having your pet loose in your car. In fact, it can be a huge hazard. Taking your eyes off the road for even a split second to look at your pet may cause a collision, and the possibility of a car accident increases significantly if your pet moves around or sits on your lap. 

There are several safe ways to travel while you have your pet in the car; however, if you don’t engage in proper pet safety, you and your pet may be hurt, or you could hurt others. 

The Top Dangers of Having a Pet Loose in Your Vehicle

Most pets want to have their people’s full attention. You probably like to give it, too, even when you are driving. However, while you are behind the wheel, your pet may:

  • Ask for affection or treats
  • Hang their head out the window
  • React to animals, people, or cars it sees out the window
  • Look photogenic curled up on the seat next to you

The antics of your pet may make it easy to take your eyes off the road to look at them, pet them, and give them attention. However, even when your pet is being pesky, they pose a serious risk. Having a loose pet in the car can get in the way of operating the vehicle, especially if they are on your lap while you are driving. 

If your pet happens to get in your space while you are driving, they may:

  • Distract you
  • Lean or bump into your steering vehicle
  • Shift the car into a different gear
  • Block your line of sight
  • Get under your feet while you drive

If you have anything moving in your vehicle while you are driving it, it creates a dangerous situation. Unsecured pets are more likely to be killed or injured if there is an accident. 

Even with these dangers, according to a recent survey:

  • Just 16% of people who take their pets on trips use proper pet car safety. 
  • More than 50% of respondents traveling with pets in their vehicle admit to petting their vehicle and taking their hands off the wheel. 
  • 17% admit to allowing their pet to sit in their lap while they drive. 
  • 13% of drivers give their dogs treats while they are driving. 

These pet parents are either unaware or ignore the dangers that go with pet distractions in their vehicles. Having a loose pet in your vehicle can have serious physical and legal consequences. 

Hire a Fort Pierce Car Accident Lawyers

If you have been involved in a car accident, hiring a Fort Pierce car accident lawyer is a must. They can evaluate your case and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. This is true no matter the cause, including a pet that distracted another driver on the road.