How Impaired Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

A truck driver, or any driver for that matter, is considered “impaired” when their mental capacity, reasoning skills, and judgment are unable to result in a safe decision. A truck driver who is impaired is deadly – more deadly than an impaired driver of a passenger vehicle. This is because semi-trucks are heavy and can cause extensive damage if they are involved in a car accident (read more about how fatal trucking accidents can be). While trucking companies are required

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Truck Accidents are Not the Same as Car Accidents

Any type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to create devastating results including property damage, personal injury or death. But, truck accidents have the propensity to do much more damage than your average car accident; therefore, they should not be treated as an ordinary car accident. The laws truck drivers must abide by vary from cars as well as insurance coverages. There are distinct differences between an accident involving a truck and one involving two-passenger vehicles. Commercial Truck Drivers

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