Protecting Your Identity for the Holidays

The holidays are just about upon us and while you are thinking about Christmas cheer and spending time with family, identity thieves are on the lookout for your personal information.Identity theft cases hit their annual peak during the holidays, because most consumers are more concerned with getting their holiday to-do list done; rather than protecting their identity. All it takes is a little effort to protect your identity to ensure that you and your family enjoy a hassle-free holiday season.

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Capital One Security Breach: Are You Taking Steps to Protect Your Identity?

Security breaches are a common event in the United States. While most do not result in personal identity theft, there are those select cases that do occur. Credit monitoring provided by the negligent party is not enough to protect your identity. After the Capital One security breach, what steps did you take to keep your identity safe? Even if the company offered their own solutions (i.e. free monitoring for a year, sending a new card number, etc.), only you can

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