Do Pedestrians Always Have the Right of Way?

It is a common misconception that pedestrians in Florida always have the right of way. However, this is far from the truth. While motor vehicle drivers do have an increased responsibility to avoid collisions with pedestrians, pedestrians are also responsible for using caution when crossing streets and walking in traffic. In fact, Florida law states that “every driver of a vehicle shall exercise due care to avoid colliding with any pedestrian.” Pedestrian Responsibilities Like motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians have a

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Why Pedestrian Accidents Are on the Rise

The numbers don’t lie.  Since 1990, the number of pedestrian deaths in the United States has increased by 46%.  This is coming on the heels of an all-time record low back in 2009.  In fact: In 2015, 5,397 pedestrians died This number spiraled to 5,987 in 2016 In 2017, it’s estimated that over 6,000 people lost their lives These numbers are staggering, and this is before you factor in the roughly 129,000 pedestrians who are injured on an annual basis. So

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The Value of an Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

When you or a loved one suffers from an injury due to another’s actions or negligence, you want to be compensated for the pain, suffering, and costs associated with an accident. Most would assume that the insurance agency or the guilty party would offer a fair settlement for your suffering, but this doesn’t always happen. Insurance companies are very reluctant to offer anything close to a fair settlement. Therefore, it is only natural to turn to the assistance of a

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How to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

Many of the rules when driving an automobile are common knowledge. Drivers are aware that stop signs mean stop, crosswalks are for passing pedestrians, and the speed limit is not merely a suggestion. If the rules of the road are followed correctly, fewer accidents are likely to occur. Unfortunately, with aggressive and distracted drivers, the street can be a scary place, and a pedestrian accident waiting to happen. Along with following the basic rules of driving, here are a few

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