Pharmacy Errors Year in Review

Perhaps the biggest story of 2013 in the area of pharmacy errors revolved around the fungal meningitis outbreak linked to compounding errors in tainted steroids from the New England Compounding Center that caused hundreds of illnesses and dozens of deaths around the country. In response, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy came down on six compounding pharmacies in four states. Meanwhile, the FDA and state pharmacy boards also stepped up inspections and found an abundance of safety violations at

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Federal Judge Rules Florida Medical Malpractice Consent Rule Runs Afoul of HIPAA

Earlier this year the Florida legislature made several changes to the state’s medical malpractice law. One provision, found in Florida Statutes 766-1065, required the injured patient in a medical malpractice suit to allow the attorneys for the defendant doctor and his or her insurance company to discuss matters related to the case with any of the patient’s other health care providers, without the patient or his or her attorney being present. Fortunately, this invasive law was recently struck down in

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Change in California Medical Malpractice Damages Caps Would Exceed Florida

If a petition currently being circulated in the Golden State is eventually successful, California medical malpractice damage caps may soon be adjusted for inflation, something that has never been done since the caps were first enacted in 1975. The move would surpass Florida’s caps, leaving the Sunshine State trapped in the past with a cap on compensation for victims of medical negligence that is worth less and less every year. If the consumer group Consumer Watchdog California can gather enough

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