The Dangers of Florida’s Highways and How They Contribute to Florida Car Accidents

There are a large number of car accidents in Florida that take place on highways. The high speeds allowed on the highways combined with driver error and large amounts of traffic can cause dangerous conditions that result in serious accidents. For example, after the Fourth of July weekend in 2017, the Florida Highway Patrol reported that approximately 30 people were killed on Florida highways. There are several accidents that occur on the highways that can be avoided if you take

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Proving Loss of Earning Capacity

In the state of Florida, injured accident victims are allowed to recover damages for the injuries and the harm they’ve suffered. In most cases, accident victims are able to recover lost income from the person who caused the accident by filing a personal injury lawsuit in court. To do this they must first demonstrate that the other driver caused the accident and their injuries. They must also be prepared to prove that they have lost income or will continue to

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The Challenges of Drugged Driving Personal Injury Claims

A recent major survey found that in 2016, 11.8 million people 16  years of age or older were guilty of drugged driving. The problem with drugged driving – defined as operating a vehicle while impaired by a prescription drug or illicit drug – is that it can lead to car accidents and personal injury claims. In fact, a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility found that in 2015, 43 percent of drivers

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