Protecting Your Rights After a Burn Injury

Have you recently suffered a serious burn injury that’s left you in pain and unable to function as you did before? Burns can cause extensive nerve damage and require hospitalization and surgery. Even minor burns can be debilitating. Most of the time these injuries come out of nowhere and can affect anyone from kitchen staff to children playing at home. In fact, each year around 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention. If you’re one of these people and feel

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How Much Can You Receive for a Burn Injury?

Just like any other personal injury, it is difficult to put a price on a burn injury. Often the severity of the burn, how it happened and why it happened will determine your compensation. But, burn injuries do have higher settlement amounts, especially because of the excessive pain and suffering an individual suffers because of that injury. Where and How Where and how the burn occurred is a key piece of information for attorneys. This determines how liable the other

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