The Most Common Injuries When Pedestrians Are Hit by a Car

To stay safe and keep other people safe, it’s necessary for Florida pedestrians to follow the laws, just like drivers. However, accidents still happen every day. If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, the injuries can be extreme. Some facts about pedestrian accidents around the country include: Most pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas Each year 60,000 pedestrians are injured and over 4,000 are killed Up to 75% of all pedestrian fatalities take place outside of an intersection Every

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The 4 Most Common Causes of Limo Accidents

A limo accident can have devastating effects, both physically and psychologically. What started out as a fun adventure can quickly turn into a tragedy that affects passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists.  If you have been injured in a limo accident, here are some of the most common causes, as well as how each may affect your ability to file a claim. Reason #1 – A Lack of Safety Features Given the size and structure of limos, most people assume that

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10 Need-to-Know Facts About Teen Drivers

Sadly, auto accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths for teens in the United States. But, most of these accidents are preventable. Just by knowing the facts, parents and teens alike can prevent these deadly accidents from continuing. The Statistics Regarding Teen Drivers According to the CDC, an estimated 2,650 teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 were killed in 2011. There was an astounding 292,000 treated in local hospitals for injuries regarding accidents. It is estimated

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18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks, also referred to as 18-wheelers, are on the roads daily in the state of Florida. They help drive Florida’s economy and they are the reason the products you buy are on the shelves at your local retail or department stores. Unfortunately, semi-trucks are also responsible for multiple deadly and devastating accidents each year. While there are dozens of reasons an 18-wheeler can be involved in an accident, several causes are more common. If you have been injured in an

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A Local Twelve-year-old Takes on Texting While Driving

Distracting driving is nothing new. For years Florida residents have suffered serious personal injury in auto accidents caused by drivers not paying attention to the road. One innovative and driven Palm Beach County seventh-grader is making headlines while trying to do something about the distracted driving problem. Calling Out Distracted Drivers According to the Sun-Sentinel, Mia Evans from Boca Raton is on patrol and looking to curb texting behind the wheel. Her campaign is a simple one. Every morning, when

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