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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

There aren’t many summer activities that match the fun and excitement of diving into a swimming pool. Unfortunately, this ‘cool’ source of recreation can also be the mother of life-threatening tragedies.

In 2018, The USA Swimming Foundation released a report highlighting statistics on swimming pool accidents. The report states that at least 148 children under the age of 15 lost their lives by drowning in 2008 between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Another report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission also revealed shocking statistics. The report singles out drowning as the top unintentional cause of death for children between 1 and 4 years. It is also important to note that pool hazards are not limited to children only. Adult tragedies are also ubiquitous.

Fetterman & Associates provide competent legal services to Florida swimming pool accident victims.

Common Swimming Pool Accident Injuries

Many people consider poor swimming skills as the primary precursor to drowning. Strangely though, pool-based injuries often result from factors like low-quality equipment or design flaws. To put this into context, here is a list of the most alarming swimming pool accident injuries involving negligence:

  • Entrapment through the drain suction
  • Spinal injuries or concussions from diving into unexpectedly shallow swimming pools
  • Skin irritation from harsh pool chemicals
  • Lacerations from rough surfaces or sharp edges
  • Slip and fall injuries such as broken bones or sprains

Causes of Swimming Pool Injuries

Many swimming pools lack the vital protection and safety equipment to keep swimmers safe. Good examples of swimming pool safety hazards include:

  • Loose tiles
  • Faulty ladders
  • Lack of barriers or fences
  • Lack of anti-entrapment devices
  • Excessively shallow deep ends

It is important to note that many swimming pool accidents occur in backyard pools. However, this does not mean that public swimming pools are 100% safe. More often than not, public facilities have design defects, inattentive lifeguards, and other negligent employees.

Premises Liability

The property owner on which the hazardous swimming pool sits can be held liable for injuries. To keep the person responsible, you will require you to prove that the property owner had a duty of care. Getting injured while swimming or relaxing at the pool amounts to the breach of that duty, which makes you eligible for compensation.

You may be offered a tempting out-of-court settlement to cater for your injuries. In many cases, the insurance company or even property management does this in a bid to avoid embarrassment. The compensation offered may also often turns out to be extremely low. Have us on board to help you get the amount you deserve.

At Fetterman & Associates, we have handled many cases for swimming accident victims in Florida and beyond. We understand the pain that comes along with such accidents. We also understand how hard it is for individuals to seek justice on their own without the help of an experienced attorney. Call us today at 561-983-4584.

Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys

Determining the exact origin of danger can be challenging in an environment rife with hazards. That is precisely where swimming pool accident attorneys come into the picture.

Lawyers can help you determine the leading cause of the accident. They can also help you decide who should be held accountable. Your lawyer can draw on evidence and, where necessary, witness testimony that you can struggle to access on your own quickly.

With your lawyer’s help, it may be possible to quickly, recover significant damages addressing issues such as:

  • Loss of wages as a result of time taken off work for recovery
  • Medical care including long term rehabilitation costs and hospital expenses
  • Pain and suffering that may impact your quality of life for years
  • Trauma

Do not let your swimming pool injuries stop you from doing your day-to-day activities. Contact us today at Fetterman & Associates to help you file a suit.

Federal Laws on Swimming Pools

December 19, 2008, saw the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Safety Spa Act become effective. The act is designed to prevent hidden hazards of pool drain entrapment in spas and pools. It also makes the installation of drain covers and anti-entrapment equipment mandatory. In particular, all spas and public swimming pools must have what the act refers to as ASME/ANSI A112.19.9.2007. This refers to compliant drain covers and anti-entrapment systems where a pool has just one main drain.

Why Fetterman & Associates?

You deserve to feel sure and confident that your swimming pool accident attorney will fight for you in court. You also deserve to be part of the legal process right from the beginning. Our attorneys provide the strategic and dependable representation needed to secure compensation. Our track record speaks for itself, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Remember that swimming pools should be fun, not a source of tragedy. Why fight alone in your quest for justice with Fetterman & Associates around? Have us on board today to help you through the process.


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