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Most people have had an instance where they placed their life in the hands of a surgeon. The skill of a surgeon can do great good in curing disease and ailments. However, when that surgeon makes an error through his or her own negligence, that surgeon has a great potential to cause harm.

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Surgical Errors All Too Common

Although surgeons are among the most highly trained individuals in our society, they regularly commit errors that lead to harm. How often do surgeons mess up? According to a recent study, surgical errors in the United States are estimated to occur at least 4,000 times a year.

According to the findings, a surgeon leaves a foreign object–such as sponges and towels inside one of their patients at least thirty-nine times a week, and a surgeon performs an operation on the wrong body part of a patient at least twenty times a week. More than half of surgeons responsible for a surgical error were found to be involved in multiple incidents.

These unfortunate statistics speak to the harm that a surgeon can cause when he or she makes an error. If you have suffered harm from a surgeon, contacting a skilled Florida attorney is your first step to receiving the compensation you deserve.

Types of Florida Surgical Errors and Their Harms

Given the many different types of medical procedures, there are many ways in which a surgeon can cause harm or injury.

Some of the most common surgical mistakes include the following:

  • Errors regarding the administration or monitoring of anesthesia
  • Errors regarding the length or type of incision
  • Errors involving the administration of improper medications
  • Errors involving the mistaken cutting or nerves, organs, or other body parts
  • Errors involving malfunctioning equipment or devices

The harms that can result from a surgical error are numerous and often life threatening. For example, an error concerning the use of anesthesia may result in brain injury.

Establishing Your Surgical Error Case

Proving that you have been harmed by a surgical error can be challenging. Most patients are under anesthesia during the time of the surgery and are not aware of what happened while sedated. Often the seriousness and permanence of your injury can indicate that an error has occurred.

A skilled Florida attorney possesses the skills and expertise to investigate your injuries and help you discover how a surgeon’s error has lead to harm. An expert lawyer can gather facts and evidence necessary to help you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

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