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If you were harmed or injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you probably feel frustrated and helpless. You are probably also stressed and worried about what will happen to you financially, your family, and even your career. But the good news is you aren’t alone. In personal injury cases, you have rights. If you’ve sustained an injury in an accident that has resulted in various medical treatments, procedures, examinations, and other tests, why should you have to pay for them? Even if you are blessed to have medical insurance, your out-of-pocket medical expenses should be considered in a personal injury claim. After all, you as the victim were the one inconvenienced. Regardless of the severity of the accident or injuries, you have a right to a personal injury claim under Florida state law. For help with your personal injury claim, it’s best to contact an experienced Stuart personal injury attorney in Florida.

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Where to Find a Stuart Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

Personal injury claims can be a lengthy and drawn-out process—depending on the nature of the case. Each case is unique in its own way and involves various levels of investigative research, evidence, and even negotiating with other parties and witnesses. Some cases may even end up going to trial.

Regardless of your case, you need a skilled lawyer to manage your case every step of the way. Our attorneys can help with any type of personal injury, including:

So where should you find a personal injury attorney in Stuart, Florida? The personal injury lawyers at Fetterman & Associates, PA are here to help. For more information on how you can receive a settlement for your pain and suffering and injuries, contact our legal team today at 561-845-2510.

What Kinds of Damages are Included in a Settlement?

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A typical personal injury case looks at both special damages and general damages before determining the size of a settlement. Special damages refer to medical expenses, lost wages, and even property damage, which are common damages associated with a personal injury case.

Additionally, general damages refer to pain and suffering, emotional stress, and any mental anguish, resulting from a personal injury.

All in all, regardless of the personal injury accident, settlement amounts greatly depend on the severity of your injuries and financial losses.

Why Wait to File Your Personal Injury Claim?

The statute of limitations in the state of Florida for most personal injury claims is four years. This means that you have within a four-year timeframe to file a personal injury claim. But considering how lengthy personal injury claims can be, time is always of the essence. This is why it is crucial to have a skilled Stuart personal injury attorney in Florida on your side to guide you through the steps of receiving a settlement you deserve. Watch the video below for the five steps to hiring an experienced Stuart personal injury attorney at Fetterman & Associates, PA:

Contact Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Stuart, Florida

If you or a family member or loved one was injured in an accident due to the negligent or wrongful actions of a third party, then consider calling a personal injury attorney in Stuart, Florida. The law team at Fetterman & Associates, PA has years of experience helping people just like you with their personal injury cases. Fetterman & Associates, PA isn’t like any other personal injury law firm. We truly take the time to learn about a client’s situation, understand the effects of an accident, and how that accident has affected a family. We take the time to gather and analyze evidence and truly seek the best possible settlement and legal outcome. Contact to us online for a free consultation or call 561-845-2510 to get started on your personal injury case today.

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Great people great service helped me from start to finish even with things that weren’t related to my case very hands on helped me from soup to nuts if I ever have to use a lawyer again Fetterman and associates are my life long Lawyers thank you for everything.

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I have to say that anybody that I know that gets into an accident, I would definitely recommend Evan Fetterman. He is so conscious and concerned about your well-being.