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It is always a stressful experience for Stuart drivers when they get in a car accident. Oftentimes, car crashes lead to significant injuries to drivers and their passengers. These injures sometimes require hospitalization followed by surgery and rehabilitation. Accidents also cause damages to vehicles that can at times lead to them being totaled by insurance companies. At these times, an experienced Stuart car accident attorney may be required to help represent your interests.

The car accident attorneys at Fetterman Law know how to gather evidence and present it fairly during the claim process. They also routinely consult with medical experts to support their findings and that increases your chances that you will be successful in pursuing your personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver so that you can receive compensation for their negligence. If you or a loved one was injured as the result of a car accident, it is possible that you can sue for compensation. To find out what our attorneys can do to help you, take a few minutes to fill out our free case evaluation form.

How Does PIP Insurance Affect Compensation?

Florida law requires all drivers to have at least $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP). This is a no-fault insurance policy which provides you compensation no matter who was at fault. Typically, PIP covers as much as 80 percent on the medical bills of individuals injured during a car accident. It can also cover up to 60 percent of lost wages that resulted from those injuries.

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The main stipulation is that you seek medical treatment during the 14 days following the accident.

Unless the injuries are determined to be a medical emergency, PIP will only provide $2,500 in benefits. Emergency medical conditions require immediate medical attention and may result in serious jeopardy to the life of the patient if treatment is not received quickly.

When seeking compensation with the help of a personal injury lawsuit, the injuries received in a car accident must have been serious. If the injuries were not serious though, it is not unusual for compensation to be limited through a PIP policy and you may even be prevented from filing personal injury lawsuits. Nevertheless, our car accident attorneys in Stuart will review all the facts of the case in efforts to determine whether you are eligible for compensation that may require a personal injury lawsuit to obtain.

How to Handle Insurance Companies after an Accident

It might surprise you to learn that even if it is clear that the other driver was at fault in your Stuart car crash, you still may be required to fight just to recover the compensation to which you are entitled. Even with all the facts in hand, the insurance company of the driver at fault might not put a fair value to the claim. The truth is that most insurance companies will do all they can to reduce the value of the claim and that includes minimizing your injuries, making allegations that something else caused your injuries, or they may claim that you are exaggerating symptoms. This is the primary reason you should seek assistance from an experienced Stuart car accident attorney that will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company to help you get the deserved compensation payments.

What Does A Stuart Car Accident Attorney Do For You?

Attorneys collect proof that bolsters your claim during the initial investigation. They perform such tasks as these:

  • Interview witnesses to the accident and medical staff
  • Work with forensic investigators to determine what caused the accident
  • Collect photo and video footage as well as police reports on the crash
  • Determine how extensive your injuries are by consulting with medical experts
  • Collect information on the past of both parties involved in the car accident concerning DUIs, traffic violations, convictions and other pertinent details.

Although the totality of this information may not be needed for your claim with the insurance company, it could help if you decide to file a lawsuit against the insurance company of the driver at fault. The information gained from the investigation will give your attorney the ability to estimate the amount of compensation for which you are entitled. In the case that your negotiations are not successful, your attorney can determine if it is possible to collect compensation through the insurance company of other parties that were involved in the accident.

Contact an Experienced Stuart Car Accident Lawyer

The car accident attorneys of Fetterman Law have been very successful in helping clients severely injured in car crashes. They take insurance companies to task as they hold negligent drivers accountable for the way they have acted.

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