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Is the Store At Fault for My Slip and Fall Injury?

Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall accidents happen in stores, hotels, parking lots, and in other public places every day. What most people don’t realize is that what seems like a minor accident can actually be a personal injury case.

However, if you slipped and fell in a store or in another public place, proving this type of claim isn’t as simple as it might seem…

Read on to learn more about how slip and fall injury work or watch this quick video here.

People will often ask for legal help after experiencing a fall in a public place, such as a retail or grocery store. If you fall in a store or in any public place, a number of factors are involved. The biggest factor to consider is determining who is at fault. For example, if a store didn’t do anything wrong, then they aren’t liable to pay for your injuries.

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However, if the store is found liable and it can be proven and determined that they did do something wrong, or didn’t do what they were supposed to in order to maintain a clean and safe atmosphere for patrons, then you may have a case.

In order to determine if you truly have a case, call an experienced slip and fall injury attorney to being an investigation. An experienced attorney will ensure all the necessary evidence is present to pursue a viable personal injury claim, and investigate the accident to determine what actually happened and if a store is liable for an accident.

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