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Sometimes the Term Medical Malpractice Doesn’t Sound Strong Enough

Example of Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Every year thousands of people are injured by the negligence of the very people who are supposed to be healing them. Some are hurt more than others. Some are hurt more than could ever be thought possible.

Once in a while a routine procedure goes so horribly wrong its jaw dropping. Johnny Lee Banks’ claim certainly belongs in that category.

Circumcision Gone Wrong

According to the suit, Mr. Banks visited the hospital for the circumcision, and instead his penis was amputated. The two doctors involved in the surgery are now being sued for professional negligence, malpractice and other acts of wrongdoing.

Doctors Deny All Claims

Term Medical Malpractice

According to the Miami Herald, attorneys for the defendants have filed a Motion to Dismiss, arguing that the case should be thrown out of court. They assert that no such circumcision was ever performed, let alone an operation removing all or some of the plaintiff’s penile tissue.

The lawsuit, filed this July 22, would seem to claim otherwise. Attorneys for the plaintiff stand by the claim and are seeking an indefinite amount of monetary compensation.

Earlier, spokespeople for the Hospital employing the defendant asserted that the claims were without merit. In a short statement, Baptist Health System, the parent company of the hospital, vowed to fight all counts vigorously.

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The suit has been filed in state court in neighboring Alabama. According to the facts alleged in the complaint, Banks had been visiting one doctor for treatment. After an evaluation, it was suggested by his doctor that he get a circumcision. The original condition that lead Banks to seek medical help goes unmentioned in the complaint.

Following his doctor’s advice, Banks scheduled a procedure which allegedly turned out to be a nightmare. Banks claims that his penis was removed by mistake. To make matters worse, Banks claims that after his penis was amputated, he was offered absolutely no explanation by the Hospital about what happened and why it happened.

Two doctors, Dr. Vincent Michael Bivins who performed the initial examinations and recommended the circumcision, and Dr. Alan C. Aikens who conducted the alleged amputation, are named as defendants. Additionally, Urology Centers of Alabama and Simon-Williamson Clinic, who employ the doctors, respectively, are joined as defendants. Banks’ wife Zelda Banks has joined her husband as a plaintiff.

Both doctors and their employers have remained tight lipped as allegations emerged declining opportunities to comment.

Hiring a West Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Attorney

It’s standard operation procedure for defendants to circle the wagon after a malpractice incident, whether major or minor. Bad press and potential liability influence defendants to fight every step of the way, including in the newspaper.

An experienced and seasoned firm can bring the knowledge and resources to bear for your benefit when up against a big business opponent. Discovery, investigative, and other litigation techniques have to be put into play right away and done perfectly when the stakes are high.

Should harm appear in your life when you least expect it, please contact West Palm Beach medical malpractice lawyers at Fetterman and Associates and our team of experienced attorneys immediately at 561-845-2510 for a free legal consultation.

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