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Silvia’s Spanish Video Website

Silvia’s Spanish Video Website

Hola y bienvenidos a Fetterman & Associates, PA.Minombrees Silvia Falconi, y soy una de lasgerentes de casosennuestroEquipo Legal (el Law Team).En Fetterman & Associates, PA hemosestadoayudando a las personas del Sur de la Florida por mas de cuarentaanos. Yoestoydisponible para ayudar a los clienteshispanos; por lo tantosiusted ha sidolesionado, o si le gustariaobteneralgunainformacion o tienecualquierproblema legal, denosunallamada al 1-800-780-2321.

La llamadaes gratis, y nosotrosnuncacobramosporunaconsulta. Si cogemossucaso, entonces, nosotroscobraremossolamentesi obtenemosunacompensacionmonetaria para usted.Llamenosahora, o cuandoustedtengaalgunapreguntaacercade una lesion, seguro social, o cualquierasunto legal al 1-800-780-2321

Hello, and welcome to Fetterman & Associates, PA. My name is Silvia Falconi, and I am one of the case managers at the Law Team. At Fetterman and Associates, we having been helping people in South Florida for more than forty years. I am available to assist our Spanish speaking clients, so if you have been injured, or would like any information or have any legal issues give us a call at 1-800-780-2321.

The call is free, and we never charge for your consultation. If we take your case, then we will only get paid if we are successful for you. Call us now, or whenever you have questions about an injury, social security, or any legal matter. 1-800-780-2321.

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