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Sharks Survive Truck Crash in Florida on I-95

Four sharks were injured in a truck crash in Volusia County last week. Three of the four sharks are expected to survive and are currently recovering at Sea World. Unfortunately, the fourth shark was found outside the tank after the crash and was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

A Story Gaining International Momentum

This big rig crash has gained international attention and has received global recognition. The sharks were originally being transported from Sea World in Florida up to New York, but after the crash, Sea World’s rescue team quickly responded to the crash site to remove the sharks.

The big rig crash occurred after the truck blew out its tire and lost control on slippery roads. After news of the crash hit the news and social media, Sea World decided to take the sharks to their veterinary facility and help them recover.

Another Reminder of Truck Accident Dangers

While the big rig crash did not involve any other vehicles, this just serves as a reminder on how dangerous truck accidents can be. In this case, the state was lucky that there were no other vehicles struck by the truck as it lost control on the highway.

Tire blowouts are still one of the leading causes of truck accidents across the country. When a big rig loses control, it can take out vehicles, motorcycles, and anything in its path.

Big Rig Crashes Affect Cargo

In this case, there was live cargo on the truck. Trucks carry live cargo daily throughout the state of Florida and across state lines. In a big rig accident, there could be injuries and fatalities not only to drivers and passengers involved, but also to live cargo.

Tips for Avoiding a Big Rig Crash

While you cannot control the driver of a truck, you can help avoid a crash yourself—or worse, being the cause of a big rig crash. Some things you can do include:

  • Avoid cutting off a big rig.
  • Allowing a big rig truck enough time to respond to your traffic signals.
  • Avoid squeezing past a big rig while it is making a wide right-hand turn.
  • Avoid tailgating.
  • Avoid driving in the driver’s wide blind spot.
  • Always ensuring the truck driver can actually see you in their side-view mirrors.

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