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Q: Who will pay for my car’s damage after a West Palm Beach flood?

A: Car accidents due to flooding in West Palm Beach can be hard to unravel. On one hand, you have the damage done by the water-on another, the damage done by passing drivers attempting to ford the roadway. So, are you liable for all of these damages or none of them? Parties who could be responsible for your vehicle’s damage after a Florida auto accident include:
  • Your car insurance : Even if you weren’t struck by another motorist, you may sustain flood damage to your car from fallen tree limbs or debris carried by fast-moving waters. Check your insurance policy to see if flood damage is covered.
  • The “at-fault” driver : Many cars become stranded in rising water and are unable to move out of the way of traffic. Some have even had to abandon their vehicles to escape drowning, only to be told by their insurance carrier that they were at fault in the accident because they left their cars in the roadway.
  • The car company : If your accident was caused because of a defect in the car’s steering or electrical system, you may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer for putting you at risk.
Since people will not often think of flooding while buying insurance, they may be automatically “opted out” of this type of coverage. This can cause headaches later when you try to collect on a claim that should rightfully be covered. If you are having problems with your insurance company after a Florida car accident, contact Fetterman & Associates today at 561-845-2510. Related Posts:

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