Medical costs responsiblity & car accident causes paraplegia

Q: Who is responsible for medical costs if a car accident causes paraplegia?

A: Partial or total paralysis of the lower extremities called paraplegia frequently occurs due to a traumatic spinal cord injury. These injuries are frequently sustained during instances where a sudden force or impact occurs, such as a car accident. There are about 10,000 new spinal cord injuries in the United States every year. If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious accident in Florida, contact an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury attorney. Our dedicated legal professionals understand the financial burdens that accompany a prognosis of paraplegia, such as home adjustments and expensive, ongoing medical bills. They will help to protect your rights as a victim and get the financial relief you deserve.

Multiple Parties May Be Liable

In a car accident, liability for pain, suffering, physical and mental damage, lost wages and medical bills may be assigned to multiple parties. For example: if you were in a serious car accident and the other driver was convicted of DUI, the other driver (or his or her insurance company), the establishment that sold the driver the alcohol, and the manufacturers might all be pursued for compensation. The factors involved in personal injury cases and car accidents may be extremely complex; proving your case can be even more so. Without the right knowledge, expertise and knowhow behind your efforts, you may literally be walking away from money that is yours by right.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Don’t deal with a serious West Palm Beach accident resulting in paraplegia alone