Non Vehicular Bike Accidents Florida

Q: Who is at fault in a non-vehicular bike accident in West Palm Beach?

A: You may think that since you weren’t hit by a car, you’re the only one who could possibly be responsible for your bicycle accident in West Palm Beach. But the truth is, many non-vehicular bike accidents in Florida are caused by negligence, and cyclists often don’t realize that their accident was someone else’s fault. Here are just a few parties that could be responsible for your Florida bicycle accident:
  • Roadway officials : If your accident was caused by a pothole, gravel, oil spill or other unsafe roadway condition, city maintenance officials could be liable for your injury.
  • Private property owners : If the accident took place on private property, the owner could be responsible if he neglected to maintain proper upkeep and maintenance on the premises.
  • Public walking/riding areas : Public walkways are required to be safe for pedestrians and cyclists, including clearing fallen branches, mending broken sidewalks and trimming foliage for clear sight around corners.
  • Construction companies : Who do not take proper care of fallen debris, dangerous fluids, heavy equipment or exposed wires in construction areas can easily cause injury to a passing cyclist.
  • Bicycle manufacturers, retailers, or repair shops : If your accident was caused by the bike itself-due to malfunctioning parts, accessories or improper repair, the proprietor may be liable for damages.
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