What is Trucker Fatigue? | New truck driving laws 2015

Q: What is Trucker Fatigue?

A: Trucker fatigue is a term used to describe truck driver impairment due to lack of sleep. Truck drivers are required to get a shipment in on time, and if they fall behind due to weather or traffic, they may be tempted to skip required rest breaks. As a result of fatigue, drivers’ response times are slowed and reflexes are dulled—leading to increased risk of West Palm Beach truck accidents. Recent studies have shown that fatigue can impair a driver’s abilities as much as drunk driving. In some cases, drunk drivers actually proved more alert than sleepy drivers—and the fatigued driver is hauling tons of potentially destructive cargo behind him. If someone you love has been injured in a Florida truck accident due to trucker fatigue, call Fetterman & Associates today.