Left Turn Truck Accident Palm Beach

Q: What does it mean to be injured in a West Palm Beach “left turn” truck accident?

A: Although it seems like a fairly simple action, left turns are some of the most dangerous maneuvers a truck can make. Hundreds of Florida truck accidents occur every year as a result of a truck driver failing to complete a successful left-hand turn at an intersection. There are several reasons West Palm Beach intersection accidents are particularly deadly. First, when a truck turns left, it needs much more space and turning radius than when turning right. Also, the trucker’s field of vision is diminished in a left turn, and semis have a long blind spot on their left side that cars can often get caught in. Lastly, turning to the left requires turning across the oncoming traffic lane and a crosswalk-both potential dangers in the path of a two-ton semi. Truckers turning left must always signal their turns and take extra care to avoid pedestrians and cyclists in the crosswalks. If a truck driver caused an accident with an improper turn-such as speeding to turn before the light turned red or not checking to ensure traffic was clear-you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact a trusted West Palm Beach truck accident attorney at Fetterman & Associates for more information at 561-845-2510.

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