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Q: The truck driver who hit me was operating with a fraudulent license. Does that affect my truck accident case?

A: Trucking companies are required by law to hire drivers that have passed a commercial license exam. These drivers must also complete training on hours of service, proper cargo loading, and truck safety before taking the road. Unfortunately, the licensing process can be expensive-and some companies may save costs by letting untrained drivers behind the wheel of their big rigs. Many unlicensed truck drivers in Florida do not have the proper skills or training to drive an 18-wheeler. The most common accidents are caused because the trucker:
  • Did not notice the flow of traffic has stopped and did not leave enough braking distance
  • Made a technical mistake due to lack of experience
  • Overloaded his cargo or did not load it correctly, resulting in product or waste spills
If a trucking company hired an unlicensed driver, they should be prepared for the consequences when he causes an accident. The experienced West Palm Beach truck accident attorneys at Fetterman & Associates may be able to get you compensation for your trucking injury or wrongful death case.