Q: Should I call a lawyer if my medical condition was misdiagnosed?

A: Definitely. Due to the high rate of misdiagnosis in hospitals, medical staff will often keep you “in the dark” if they realized they have made a mistake. They may try to convince you that such errors are common, and while this may be true, it does not excuse the suffering you endured from their mistake. An experienced West Palm Beach personal injury attorney can get access to records, timelines, and diagnostic tests to prove that your care was not handled properly. The hospital may try to cover up its mistake, or avoid your attempts to get information-but they cannot ignore a call from an attorney. Getting advice from an attorney makes sense-especially when the right West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney won’t charge you for your consultation, and won’t charge any legal fees until you win a settlement in your case. When you’re in pain and legal help is free, why shouldn’t you ask for it? If a physician put you at risk due to their negligence, Fetterman & Associates could win you compensation for your suffering. Call our offices today at 561-845-2510.