Q: My baby’s injury is due to failure to perform a timely C-section; could my doctor be liable?

A: Adding a new member to your family should be a joyous time–full of nothing but celebration and happiness. However due to the high speeds and confusion of birthing facilities, there are many circumstances where errors in judgment on the part of medical staff could affect the health and well being of your little one for life. Cesarean-sections (C-section) are among the most commonly performed surgeries in the U.S., and must be performed extremely rapidly after the need has been clearly established. When an obstetrician fails to perform a timely C-section, the damage can be extensive—and in some cases, permanent. Because standards for medical malpractice vary by jurisdiction, it is important to contact a local authority on the subject if you if you or a loved one has experienced medical malpractice in West Palm Beach.