Is It Time For My Elderly Father To Stop Driving?

Q: Is it time for my elderly father to stop driving?

A: It can be hard to tell a parent that it’s time to hang up their keys. Seniors are afraid to lose their autonomy, and losing the ability to drive may signal a loss of freedom. However, it’s easier to have a conversation about driving than it is to risk your loved one’s life in a Florida car accident. Some signs that your elderly relative should no longer be driving in Pam Beach, include:
  • Difficulty reading: If your father frequently mistakes the salt for the sugar or the toothpaste for the hand cream, he may have difficulty reading labels. If he has trouble with words in front of him, those on billboards or road signs will prove even more difficult.
  • Blaming inanimate objects: Many seniors are afraid that they will lose their rights as they get older. They may find that blaming mistakes on inanimate objects, such as sidewalks, signposts, or even the car itself, can excuse the mistake without calling attention to who was really at fault.
  • Senility: All too often, caring relatives will miss the signs of mental degeneration. If your father calls you by the wrong name, cannot recall easy information, or becomes easily frustrated, he could be a danger behind the wheel.
We all want the best for the people who raised us. In some cases, that might mean keeping your parent from hurting himself-or someone else-by driving while impaired. For more advice on Florida car wrecks, contact a trusted West Palm Beach personal injury attorney at Fetterman & Associates. Call 561-845-2510. Related Posts: 5 Tips For Avoiding Distracted Driving